1. I'm glad I got this for 170 it's very good smell like mardirin oranges nice and purple too !!! I would give ita 7 /.75 ist good not the best but cured perfectly not dry at all smells and tastes on point great high very heavy

  2. Mine is a bit dry but they put a b pack innit

  3. I'm digging it so far. Just had a point reset after 3 weeks of dealing with street weed that might as well be reggies... Good 1st buy on this 45 day rotation..

  4. Hell yea, I got the rocket fuel cured budder, and the animal mints and PB souffle love budder. So good and love the prices. I heard this is gonna be a regular thing I sure hope so!

  5. I'm in wintersville and I see they have like 5 selections at that price. Waiting till the 8th so my points reset is dragging ass

  6. I just got a g of something like this and it smells minty.

  7. Break up the refer correctly...improper consistency causes most of the runs I've experienced besides taco bell or milk products.

  8. Make sure to backroll - mini josh voice.

  9. I dont buy street weed unless I absolutely have to, like when my points expire and I have to wait to get dispo.

  10. Idk why but my paranoid ass just assumed they’d take your card away 😂😂 that still sucks tho

  11. They will now, along with driving under impaired state..move cautious, we got a limited rope.

  12. The supply carts are live resin mix strain...they taste fine and get you dtfo for sure as well as cost isnt bad at .5 for 30 bucks. My recommendation with carts doesnt go far but I'm pretty critical of them to begin with... Those work 4 me...

  13. I dont believe it.....way too much control of the thickness and growth in perfect progression. It looks wonderful

  14. I tried a few words L's, I like dutchies best, but raw papers are my paper brand..smooth and if u back roll, u taste every lil peice of weed.

  15. Use a smooth part of the cast with no folds or crinkles...rub bud over tray in small back and forth motions.

  16. Make a small batch tea, boil them for about 45 mins in 1 gallon pan ,low temp once its bubbling, and let it simmer with a lid half half way off to vent .

  17. The koo side got me thru 2 years of parole lol. Big ass jug in the fridge at all times...a cup of it got me fried....usually a qtr of shroomies to a gallon of water.

  18. Wont be any progress with this collective....marijuana should be grown and sold at farmers markets statewide by private citizens...not corporation money and political buyouts...question is why aren't the big conglomerates paying these politicians to get laws changed like they did hemp in 1930s?

  19. MI is going that route (farmers markets), wish OH would try to do the same.

  20. You and me, it shouldn't cost 200 plus box a week to get properly medicated......could you imagine if they priced alcohol like weed, ppl would riot. This isnt different other then many more ppl use marijuana responsible versus the boozer crowd.......way less risk and danger......if I was the president, I would legalize marijuana fully and focus on the opioids flooding the black market.

  21. Fuck the queen! Fuck that old twat too! Long live MERICA LETS GO BRANDON MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN BLACK LIVES MATTER

  22. Get a juice box instead, super dope peices that are unique. I'm sure u already have a few of these more traditional peices

  23. I hate narcotics. I grew up in detroit in the eighties, idk what's worse, the 80's watching my mom, or now watching ppl I call friends fall off.

  24. $54 after a 30% discount means that the original price was $80~

  25. It's a sinus plug, usually accompanied by deviated septum or other infection that allows the phlegm to build up and almost "cure" as it dries..........once a few layers accumulate, it causes sinus issues, inflamed nasal muscles and loss of smell, and labored breathing, stuffy nose, pickled spincture...

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