1. This was Sword Art Online. I liked the concept at first and then it pretty much scrapped everything to be a weird harem story for the MC so I had to stop.

  2. Bro just watch SAO Abridged. It fixed the godawful story wile still keeping the awesoe fights.

  3. Me having a conflicting battle of wanting to be alone and surrounded with people at the same time

  4. I guess i'm the only one who likes Pete Davidson in this subreddit.

  5. He's a homophobic asshole and a member of Qanon, so he'll be just another DeSantis.

  6. What if i were to take the name and the logo of an old series of comics and actually make half of It about Ahsoka?

  7. At this point I wouldn't be surprised if Disney announced a Jedi Outcast show, that would be about Ahsoka after Order 66.

  8. Disney has the easiest fucking job in the world when it comes to appeasing Prequel and TCW fans. Reuse characters, have them all meet, make Lego sets, make new action figures, and then profit to bankroll future projects for future generations.

  9. It's been 20 fucking years and Lego still hasn't made a Lucrehulk set.

  10. For god's sakes if you take any large scale fight scenes, slow them down, and specifically track actors, there's gonna be some goofy stuff. When you have many combatants, you pretty much always have things like combatants acting stupidly. It would be optimal to have a take where that's not in it but it's not a big deal.

  11. Y’all remember when she almost did that at the end of season 3 of Harley Quinn and then no one acknowledged it and instead we were supposed to cheer that Bruce went to prison? Wack af

  12. I wouldn't have been surprised if that show was written by CB Twitter.

  13. "Prenehaj masturbirati in zajahaj pohotno zapostavljeno žensko"

  14. So are you actually a Catholic, or are you just really invested in pissing off protestants?

  15. The year is 2100 A.D. Central Europe is entirely occupied by the muslims. Well, not entirely! One small country of indomitable Luxembourgers still holds out against the invaders.

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