1. I asked a sheikh about this, and he said that since kosovo is a muslim majority country, you can assume that its halal.

  2. Calling Kosovo a muslim majority place just because of it's religious demographics is very deceiving.

  3. Ofcourse youre right in that its not like the middle east.

  4. Wouldnt dying on any sin make it unforgivable since you can’t repent for that sin after you died?

  5. No since Allah may still forgive you for it.

  6. Yes, every sin other than shirk may be forgiven after one has died, its up to Allah swt. but do note that we did not get a divine promise for this forgiveness, unlike with repentance.

  7. Bro imagine youre going to any quran website and theyre all down paired with empty mushafs.

  8. Yeah thats true, people shouldnt prank about these topics.

  9. How sad do you have to be to stoop this low trying to insult Muslims?

  10. Funniest part is that I have never seen or met this guy untill OP mentioned him. Thats why we need to ignore exmuslim subreddit instead of bringing their boogus here.

  11. Yeah I agree, so long as the game is solid its really not a problem. I worked on a game with over 10 mil units sold thst used mixamo animations

  12. It is narrated that whosoever fasts the first 4 days of ramadan, will only have to fast another 25 or 26 days.

  13. I am Alpaca Purveyor of fine goods. Let's meet at the church of elleh, password 7894 please leave a red sign(duelist finger), and let me know your in game name, this is very important so i know which items to drop. In return for items and services i require in return +karma, costs a bundle I admit. But the important thing is that you survive. Every customer counts, after all.

  14. Yes, I just checked, closed everything still the same, the GPU is however using 80% of is power.

  15. Are you running it at 8k or something?

  16. Shouldn't be, I have a 2k monitor and made sure that the resolution is correct.

  17. If youre shaders are compiling the whole engine lags. Try after compilation.

  18. I use blender for animating. Make sure youre using a lower poly mesh so that it wont lag your pc out.

  19. You really need a discrete GPU to run UE5 efficiently.

  20. Im using a 3700x with a 1070, and it runs pretty good, however, not to the extent of staying above 60fps all of the time without optimization.

  21. Ah good point. I want to go into Virtual Production as a Set design artist or lighting artist. So want to work with those type of plugins.

  22. yes and by the angels postrating to adam pbuh they weren't committing shirk either since they didn't believe he had any power to benefit them. as you said it's not mandatory but i do want to point out that people do believe that the rock will benefit them which is why they fight to touch it. here's the hadith:

  23. So because Allah allows it to speak its shirk? What nonsense is this?

  24. you're contradicting yourself, if it can intercede for you on DOJ, that counts as a benefit. and only those who touch it will reap that benefit, right?

  25. Step 1: Wait for the snail to get into my house

  26. Thats if everything is good and well, if burglars come in and remove the box, youre death.

  27. The one third is a very good example!

  28. There is an option called ro mij that you need to turn off maybe in settings.

  29. Being honored by the Most mercifull.

  30. also made space ships! looks like a solid foundation and with th rotating thrusters the possibilities are endless!

  31. My most play time is a free game 💀

  32. Bro asks for 8k but buys a 4k monitor 💀

  33. We dont know where the water under the throne is.

  34. Really gives that fantasy feeling! I like how it looks.

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