I enjoy drawing 1000s upon 1000s of faces. It's like therapy for me. Here are some examples. Zoom in!

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  1. It's like a slightly toned down version of this lady who everyone made fun of some months ago

  2. I would not use the word “slightly” the majority of her video is her making evil dwarf noises and squeaking out made up words. At least this dude is speaking coherently most of the time…albeit at a volume between speaking and yelling

  3. This occurred as a result of George Floyd demonstrators going rogue and aggressively robbing peoples vehicles by force and by gun point near North Broadway and O’Fallon Street near downtown St. Louis around 3:00 a.m. back in 2020,

  4. There ain’t no way that link you provided was written by a human. That has to be an “article” written by a poor functioning AI

  5. WOMBO purposely blocked NSFW on Dream but can use WOMBOT if you are 18

  6. Do you create the art in the Discord or does it link to the app and unlock the NSFW functions?

  7. No way that the Quidditch DLC would add that much to the game, prob just a new mini-game? That DLC would be a great addition to make the game feel more complete and I believe should be free, because a lot of people are asking for it and it would be a great way to kinda give back to the community :)

  8. It’s just gonna be Quidditch World Cup from 2003 ported into the game haha (I actually wouldn’t be too mad. I played the hell out of that)

  9. I kinda wish there was a sub dedicated to these cowboy shooting competitions

  10. The fact that they have the old man laying in bed in a neck brace w a fucking gigantic cat face pillow staring at him cracks me up. It’s like the hit-cat is saying “you got away this time; but I’m watching you, old man”

  11. This reads like a special kill on a level of Hitman

  12. I’ve never actually been mad that someone won before…

  13. Let’s also cut off the voting age at 75 just to be fair. Avg life span of Americans is 75-77 so why should they get to vote and impact the future when they are just living on borrowed time anyways

  14. That’s apocalypse is awesome. Congrats on the 9 months!

  15. 🤣 the KGB. I’m actually CIA,FBI,DEA,Mi5. 64

  16. Uh oh. He added a space before the 64 this time when all the other times he put it right up on the period.

  17. The height of the burj kalifah is pretty staggering. The shard is a very tall building, and it's more than twice the height of it. Crazy.

  18. We had a 15 hour layover in Dubai on our honeymoon a couple months ago and we went up to the top of the Burj Kalifah. It is taaaaalll. Completely towers over the other sky scrapers surrounding it. It was bizarre looking down at all these empty rooftop pools on top of the other sky scrapers…completely makes them all look like normal sized small buildings

  19. To quote another movie: Its a Z job and if you gotta ask, you cant afford it

  20. I don’t understand how this hurts them. Seems like it just the more extreme wing flexing their muscles successfully.

  21. Agreed. I don’t see how this hurts them either. It’s just showing that the extremists have more power…I expect this embolden the fuckwads

  22. Makes me sad that I got wampa omicron just before trayas came out and I’m still waiting for it.

  23. Don’t be sad. WOmpa is a beast….pun intended

  24. Oh man. Blast from the past. I loved my swamp thing figures. Unfortunately lost em all in the flood….which I guess was kinda fitting

  25. Yeah, it really really sucked but at least I get to have fun rebuilding some of my old collections!

  26. No worries. It was tag price but I bought enough he was nice enoigh to give me a little discount. It came out to about 80 bucks with some top loaders and other car stuff.

  27. We had our wedding reception on one of those 3 story dinner cruise yachts. Told everyone that for insurance purposes the venue was strictly 21+ no kids allowed. It was great

  28. A friend did this and his sisters were pissed haha. He told them find a baby sitter. No kids as per the venues rules. The sisters told him to find another venue. His parents stepped in and said they will find other daughters if they keep acting like brats, it's no kids so find a babysitter.

  29. We had a few family members that made a big stink about it as well. We said we would hire a babysitter at the resort that would watch their kids free of charge so they could enjoy our wedding reception w us but they still bitched about it…so we ultimately just said that even though it saddens us, we respect their decision to not come and celebrate our wedding. That ended the discussion

  30. Taco Bell clearly isn’t on there because it’s fine dining

  31. I made a post about it a few days ago, theres been a bunch of blue veam esque event going on. A "messiah" in israel, UFO stuff thats been coming out, reports if angeks in clouds. Project Blue Beam is happening

  32. There was a short story/novella that I read a looooooong time ago that these totally reminds me of!! I can’t remember the name of it though

  33. I think I read that too. Stephen King short story maybe? The artist hat the urge to poke his eyes out with the brush when he stopped drawing the faces.

  34. Possibly! I’m a huge King fan and was constantly checking out his works from the library at that time

  35. Why does it look like he photoshopped himself into the 2nd and 3rd pics

  36. Not sure what the hell you are talking about, I was born and raised in Chicago and we and many people I know dripped their faucets multiple times a year when temps got real low

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