1. Yeah this vendor is good, he’s on Double M a lot! One issue I had is lack of independent testing! its frustrating that most Indo vendors don’t!

  2. Yes I haven’t done any decorating and I didn’t even get candy because getting up and down is to much stress!

  3. Yeah I to was told that when I was diagnosed finally? The truth is primary care docs can prescribe the meds but have no clue about it! I’m Lucky enough to live we’re there is Frida clinic but she wants way to much and it’s all cash! There are so many scams out there because they know people get desperate for anything and they take advantage! Now I set up interviews with any new doctor, yeah it’s different from a appointment you basically meet doctor and decide what to do as far as being their patient! People have no clue how hard it is for FM CFS patients! Uhhgg just don’t accept anyone on face value when it comes to your happiness and help!

  4. Ok so I have spent some time talking to a great Rheumatologist and basically the thinking is( they don’t really know) that chronic pain and stress I have both rewires the CNS and that it turns to FM which can be hereditary or and environmental factors too! They say that FM uses the same neurological pathways as anxiety, depression, and insomnia so my doctor told me that they kick people like me since I already have manic depression to a primary care prescribes those meds that’s were you belong! I’m not doing that, just because they can doesn’t mean they should, uhhgg! I think the ones who diagnosed should be treating me and my doctor told me she had never treated this and she was surprised herself! Hope this helps people understand why they do it and to find a doctor that solely treats FM it’s hard but so worth it!

  5. There are plenty of other ways to get healthy and restful sleep than kratom which is a know stimulate! Only at high doses, a dose that should not be taken for sleeping because it only speeds up tolerance, natural sleep comes from not taking anything but exercise, meditation, and a calm mind! I’m sorry but you provide no medical evidence to back up your not so good alternative to a more mindful and rested night! Is this just a bad advertisement for your Indonesian kratom including your plantation leaf in warehouses in the United States?

  6. Are you anti-kratom? Are not many people being helped by this product of nature from deadly drugs such as opiates?

  7. I did not ask you to pm me I will contact moderator about this!

  8. Good to know! I'm currently tapering down for a tolerance break next week. Appreciate the reply

  9. If you have problems sleeping or fatigue during those times, Valairian root for sleep and he has one for fatigue too I can’t remember the name of it! He actually sells some good natural herbs too! Have a smooth break and let me know if you want the website!

  10. Valerian root tea has just never had much effect on me for whatever reason. But got any other useful tips for tolerance breaks? I'm always open to new, helpful tips & tricks!

  11. So in the plant world Valerian root is the strongest sedative, but i myself like chamomile or lemon balm! These falll into more of the hypnotic area, if you smoke herb blends then Indian warrior is good my husband uses it before bed! Have you tried Mitragynine Javanica or it’s twin Huristru they can help with your break, my husband swears by stem and vein for breaks! There is a lot to be used but in combo with herbs, I would go with the Mitragynine cousins or stem and vein! Stem and vein is just stem and vein that most vendors get rid of but some are selling there’s for t breaks, let me know if I can help further and good luck! Hopefully if that doesn’t help someone will post that might. Be better help!

  12. I think that a good white Indo with stem and vein would work but but if you took it to often you could develop tolerance! Works great for days when my white isn’t working!

  13. I have been using LuckyDog Herbals they put a limit on their strains and their blends but their powder is 🔥

  14. Actually black is oven baked at temps that they guard but my vendor told me that they bake ( the MD is a favorite strain) to lower mitragynine levels to bring out more 7ohm! Haven’t tried it yet but heard it’s a lot like red dragon, smooth and very relaxing! It is a real thing they are trying out!

  15. I find just matching how sour it is with something sweet , honey is great it’s dry, and pushes back really well against the bitterness! Added bonus some say honey helps with absorption! Cheers!

  16. Me my comorbial diseases are BI- polar I, generalized anxiety bad, I.b.s., Fibromyalgia, CFS, early onset arthritis! My doctor told me that all of these disorders pretty much use the same neurological pathways so medicine is so hard because only certain things will work!

  17. Smoke shops buy in bulk from bigger kratom companies you would be surprised to hear who, no name dropping but the big boys! They are the companies that buy the old leaf sitting around in big shipping containers that have been sitting in the heat and humidity for months at a time! Vendors can get very fresh leaf, that’s a huge part! We are also running out of sources for wild vs plantation leaf that some of these pop up companies in Indonesia are using that is a lot weaker in Mitragynine percentages! Buy Small!

  18. I just started it myself last week. My doctor started me at 25mg 2x a day and is working me up to 50mg 3x a day.

  19. Yes I say we post again in a month, I don’t like taking meds but my doctor told me this was like my last hope, and to sleep again would be great!

  20. That’s the biggest difference so far for me. I was sleeping only 1-2 hours at a time. Sometimes I’d get lucky and sleep for 3 hours in a row. Last night I slept for 5 solid hours before I woke up. And I slept 5 hours 2 nights ago as well. So it is definitely doing something good for me :)

  21. Yeah me too, I’ve have on average 3 hours a night so I’m hoping for the same, I will definitely post in a month if I can push through the nausea and it helps it could save my sanity!

  22. When I started taking kratom I was a heavy drinker and smoker, 3 months later and I stopped smoking, and the urge to drink was gone! That was five years ago! Everyone is different but that crazy little leaf has made my life easier not harder! Be Blessed

  23. Kratom helps my FM and CFS so much i would recommend a good red vein like Bali, or Mang Da,or horn! Kratom has been a life saver!

  24. I’m sorry I see that I put a discussion tag by accident! I meant it to be put under question thanx for posting! It’s getting really bad my wife and I are talking about getting a divorce because of my insomnia and a lot of other things please anyone with knowledge I need to figure this pregabalin thing out and my doctor is acting like a weird person!

  25. Right now I’m liking the small guys, monk and others are way out of touch!

  26. Fermented strains do nothing for me either literally got a bag of 200g full of Fermented strains iv been sent in samples that I don't take lmao

  27. May I ask if it’s all different ways it’s fermented for example I can’t stand Bent, but other fermented styles are ok for me!

  28. Honestly it just depends on the vendor and the quality of kratom because some fermented kratom I actually like. Like og bali from my brave botanicals! It's expensive but damn it's better! Odus botanicals fermented strains are good but bennis botanicals I can't do it idk why.... and I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE everything else from bennis and odus with no issues but the fermented strains iv always kinda been hesitant with.... like mbc has great fermented reds I love everything mbc has!!!!

  29. Right, my husband was ordering from Bennie before Double M forum! So smooth never heard of Oxus now I’m going to check them out! Thanks girl, btw I will ask hubby about MBC! Blessings!

  30. Those percentages are close my friend! Yes it’s known as Pimp grade, the reason because they gave their working girls the strongest to keep them working so to say!

  31. I’m totally the opposite like nothing affects me it’s frustrating!

  32. Each vendor keeps his gold recipe very secret but it’s mainly red,green, white combination, but not always!

  33. I just saw that you have hydro o done, kratom is way better!

  34. You will also experience cross tolerance do yourself a favor and pick one! I understand pain sucks but I had Fibromyalgia and when the doctor gave me a script for Oxus I threw it in the trash went home and made kratom tea! Now in my opinion the kratom doesn’t help to much ether but it’s way safer than getting hooked on Pharmaceuticals! That’s my opinion though, inform yourself about both!

  35. My vendor charges $50 and he will spilt one into 4 250 bags no charge and free shipping! There is so much competition it’s sick, a 60 year old women in Florida tried to sell my wife kratom on Facebook! Personally I have no trust in the domestic market!

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