Left to walk doggo, came back to 95% of candy gone in 30 seconds

I don't need it, I don't even necessarily want it, but I've got some cash to burn so I'm gonna get it.

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TIFU by having an impromptu gangbang with crack and methheads

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What is the worst thing about being skinny?

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  1. Hermaphroditism is commonplace among plants.

  2. PGRed to death. That's carcinogens in a bag..

  3. Someone needs to shop this on a group of SEAL team operators walking towards the camera, or some futuristic military thing.

  4. Just searched for this sub cuz I recently found out I have chronic prostatitis. Doc won’t give antibiotics anymore and told me I have to completely change my diet instead.

  5. Your comment just made me laugh so fucking hard.

  6. Oh, no! Not my beloved fake internet points!

  7. Last time I called something gay I was called transphobic over and over. Careful.. xD

  8. Normal, everyday Oklahoman activities right there.

  9. Yes, the evil AOC, who wants to give you healthcare, higher wages, protect your environment and prevent companies from ripping you off and buying government policy. Such a villain.

  10. You know what they say, Want in one hand, shit in the other. See which one gets filled first.

  11. I recently did this. Smoked heavily for many years and quit one day because of how bad my heart and lungs were aching from smoking so much. Started eating clean af, running and trying to live better and I legitimately don't experience the same issues that I was smoking heavily to fix. Like severe anxiety, PTSD, sleeping, and helping with the ability to eat. I like to think the medicating with marijuana worked and now I don't need it anymore. That's how it feels at least. I used to not be able to open door knobs because of how much my hands would sweat, now I hardly ever feel that pit in my stomach and my appetite increased tenfold after I quit smoking regularly.

  12. This happened to me at a best western. They said I left weed in the trashcan and charged me $200 for a smoking fee and I don't even smoke marijuana. It was the weekend of hightimes and they said a maid said it smelled like weed in the room which was probably total horseshit. They refused to do anything about it and I've never stayed at a best wester again. Straight up robbery.

  13. Who would have thought that would happen.... LMFAO


  15. Because those people are clearly reasonable and don't want it to be ridiculous. xD

  16. I've had 4 blue labs which should be where I end my comment but they're garbage IMO. I have had multiple flower runs ruined because of a fucked up meter from them. If you tap it at all or submerge it they will start not working properly. God forbid you accidentally drop it. You may as well replace it at that point.

  17. Light like that literally will not hurt it at all, but a bag over it will surely cause drying issues and high risk of mold.

  18. Let he who hath not attended an impromptu crack and meth head gangbang cast the first stone

  19. Look dude who are you you didn't see what I said in my opinion I feel like it corrects all deficiencies for one and for 2 I don't know how you grow or what kind of chemicals you give your plants but I but I am organic and natural Maybe you should do more research in Google instead of a 100 year old book book you got from your old plug

  20. Did you really just dog on reading actual books and tell us to refer to google instead....? LMFAO

  21. I didn't dog on reading books at all I said that he must be reading some old 100 year old book with these facts and maybe you just don't know how to use a search engine properly because there's way better information in the last 10 years about plants plants and carbon and soil because people are trying to save the world right now, Feed people because there is a food crisis, and people like me that want organic healthy cannabis

  22. My comment clearly went above your head.. There is plenty of books published within the last 4 years with just as good, if not better information in them.

  23. Its because the shit is worthless now, especially when its pumped with PGR's.

  24. Debatable. They're slow as hell and if the pest is already well established I doubt ladybugs would do much other than MAYBE manage the issue. There are a lot of organic options besides ladybugs though.

  25. It's definitely cringe, but even worse if you dig into the history. "Females" used to be a way for white doctors to refer to black patients who needed prenatal care. It was medically accurate but denied them personhood. So anyone you see still using that phrase is, intentionally or unintentionally, perpetuating language that was used to categorically disenfranchise people.

  26. So the entire military is racist..? That's a far reach there for a term used to describe gender.

  27. Not a big reach when the entire country is built off of racism lol

  28. That's a pretty simple minded approach considering A LOT of other things also built this country. We're all entitled to our opinions though. /wrists

  29. I worked with security forces for many years as a Gunners Mate in the Navy and there were several places I stood watch on a gate/ship, or whatever you would like to term it, where we were told lethal force is authorized if someone runs toward critical infrastructure, I.E. nuclear tech, or sensitive information. ESPECIALY if they almost hit them with a car. That's just as much a deadly weapon as a gun.

  30. Being told to "eat a cheeseburger" When the reality is I eat more than most people I know.

  31. The secret is the sun, and a hard ass days work sweating it out.

  32. That's still better than walking into the shared shower to find your roommates poopy dildo still stuck to the wall from his morning sesh. I loved the Navy...

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