My super symmetrical boobs (34DDD)

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  1. Belongs in /dadwouldbeproud but don’t be listening to what random horny strangers on the internet think.

  2. No im down with the sickness. I have a cold 🥶 🤧

  3. Do you have a fever and the only cure is… more cowbell?

  4. I’m partially blind.. is there brail, or could I rub my hands over them to better see them?

  5. Oh jack, Shear me like one of your French … boars.

  6. Flexing our wealth, are we??? Frying up, not one but TWO eggs?!?!? Next thing moneybags will do is to show off his TP collection. Some people gonna be pissed.

  7. So, they wanna be sure they're present at the end, to get their shots in as retribution? You can still only pile on so many bodies and have room enough for punching. The rest have to stand around and watch.

  8. Nonsense. Ever heard of “death by 1000 cuts?” Everyone gets a small piece of the pie.

  9. When his head explodes in threat level midnight. Had that scene loop for 10 mins straight and enjoyed every second of it.

  10. It’s a man-cow-pig creature. (Queue South Park scene with man/bear/pig argument)

  11. How was that experience? Ever thought to going further?

  12. Please don’t down vote me into oblivion but you certainly came to the right subreddit (offmychest) to talk about this!

  13. It will have better content 😏

  14. Mars dust is full of static electricity and thus very sticky. It won't just fall off.

  15. Just put on some windshield wipers. They aren’t too heavy. Problem solved.

  16. What is it called when 2 women share the same cock similar to the way that 2 men who have sexual so the same woman are called Eskimo brothers?

  17. Zero zero one zero one one zero…. One one zero one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one one I don’t speak binary.

  18. Is this your husband’s or someone else’s dick you are riding?

  19. Do you get together with other OF models and post content? Who have you worked with in the past?

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