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  • By - XteaK

  1. 😂 you must be new to the market. They'll get off the list before being forced to do anything.

  2. Remember at that time imigrants were on their own to provide for theirselves. The State was not taking tax money and using it to provide them with transportation, housing, food, medical. What the Bible refers to is charity however you cant force charity nor can you expect people to give freely after having been taken from already and it given to those you say they should then give more too.

  3. She actually is a worship leader. You should check out her youtube channel.

  4. No worries. Not my video but she is a friend and thought I'd post to Reddit. 😊

  5. FTX might have lied about those tokens being backed by real AMC. Would that make them liable to purchase 410 million shares?

  6. Not sure but the way I understand it, those tokens were backed by shares in the derivatives (options) market which is where FTD's were being stashed and synthetics generated. They were then tokenized so each token supposedly represented 1 actual share. Then via total return swaps they were used to short AMC which would result in a FTD, then hidden in derivatives market, tokenized, then swapped again. Wash, rinse, repeat.

  7. This doesn't even take into account the 125% or so held by institutional investors.

  8. If you have debt and don’t take this forgiveness, you’re just going to be paying for other peoples loans who were forgiven in the long run. May as well take the piece that is yours.

  9. You're not taking the piece that's yours. You're taking from somebody else as well who didn't take out the loan. You made a bad bet just like the Hedgies. Why should you get a bailout.

  10. I don’t think anyone should. But if other people are, I am too because I’m not paying for theirs too.

  11. 😂 you are paying for theirs along with all the tax payers who never took out the loan via increases taxes.

  12. So this post is a discussion yet a mod feels it violates Rule 3 and it's either offering or asking for financial advice.

  13. Take your shares or any security of high value, gets separated from current investment acc, (still in your name and shares haven't been sold) price fluctuations may need to add funds like a margin call on yourself. That money can be used as a loan to finance whatever you want, house etc. Interest is usually capped low 1-2 %

  14. Stop using CS for Credit Suisse. It's already established for reference to Computershare and only confuses people.

  15. “Apes paying to…” yeah definitely tinfoil hat time.

  16. Yup. Introduce real shares in the market and there's a mad scramble to get them. Plus they can only be purchased on the open market lit exchanges.

  17. Only one I watch now is amcbiggums. His vids are wicked long and most apes don't watch cause they think spending 2 to 3 hours per vid is way to much time and effort to educate theirself on court rulings, market structure and flow, how manipulation is done and how they get away with it. ISDA phase 6, etc...

  18. Governments will turn a blind eye as long as it's retail investors, 401k's, and retirement accounts getting robbed and screwed over but the moment it hits them it's a different story.

  19. Any naked short that fails to deliver becomes a FTD. Those thet are done to hedge via option chain can be kicked down the road via more option contracts That costs money. Those that are done to create liquidity can sit for years and cost $0 to make or to sit on and that's where they make their money, selling naked shorts and using the money to meet margin and play their option games so the market at least looks somewhat legit.

  20. Yes, explain it logically while accounting taking into account Citadel is both a hedge fund and also a market maker and that the MM can not simply sell into the market naked short unless there's first a buy order to fill.

  21. This is the literal reason why so many traders dont recommend trading pre or post. There is less price discovery due to low volume and less liquidity making stocks more volatile. There is enough in the overall market to bitch about, but this is nothing.

  22. There's two screenshots. Moves down >1% on 5 shares traded. 0% movement on 100 shares traded.

  23. AMC purchased hycroft to mirror the accounting practices ENRON used. It's basically an attempt of an old trick using new tools.


  25. Some people in the comments saying oh it’s old 3 months old lol

  26. Sent a screenshot to a friend he said the same thing. I went to three source and saw they date euro style. That is not something we see in the US so I think people are confused not trying to sores FUD OP needs to point out the date method.

  27. Same here. Didn't get it until the 6th as well from Continental.

  28. Myself holdings are DRS'd with Continental and I received my proxy material in the mail on Sept. 6th, the day of the meeting and vote.

  29. .9% of the entire U.S. population went to a movie at AMC that day. Yes, almost 1 out of every 100 people in this country went to AMC for the $3 movie deal.

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