1. Is there an archive where these mixtapes are available? Or songs he’s done that aren’t on streaming platforms?

  2. I feel your pain as I own a shop. I carried almost every general admission cart on my menu and they sold very well. Now I’m scared to bring them back in. Do you know if this new hardware is being used for all carts or just the new drops?

  3. I’m honestly not sure, but I hope it’s a temporary thing bc our shop vape list is 50% general admission carts. I don’t want to see them go down the same road as pure sun farms with their carts, we stopped selling them bc we were getting returns on almost every single one we were selling. Like it’s 2022, everyone vapes at this point. You had stellar technology, why fuck up a good thing? Y’all could’ve changed the mouthpiece color and added the design to the carts but keep the insides, you know?

  4. I've been told it was cause they were having trouble sourcing their old hardware cause of supply chain reasons so switched to these cheaper carts instead. Hopefully they'll switch back as supply chains return to normal.

  5. I suspected the same when I noticed they were going back and forth between boxes. My manager mentioned the supply chain disruption and it made sense!

  6. Biggest thing is staying consistent, have to use it daily to see consistent results (from my experience)

  7. Yup I second this. My manager taught me that CBD has a cumulative effect, it’s efficacy increases when used consistently over time. I had severe agoraphobia and BPD and managed to ween myself off 2MG of Xanax using two capsules of Mood Ring’s high cbd formula (~30mg per capsule) daily every morning with my antidepressants. I also avoid caffeine and high sugar foods/drinks, I feel like those contribute directly to my anxiety.

  8. So we’ve got like more than a hundred carts to choose from, so everyone will have their own preferences and opinion.

  9. Hairy nipples are so sexy and HOT!!! Nice look on you :)))

  10. I love the feeling of a hairy girls Body while exploring with my tongue

  11. Is anyone else having trouble with viewing the first image. No pun intended but I’m dying to see a heart try to flee the scene of an accident

  12. Ted Bundy makes me really sick, because of his level of education and intelligence. Listening to his creepy little delighted confession on where a girl's head was buried on one of the Bundy tapes really just put the nail in the coffin for him. I completely understand why people celebrated his execution. He also deceived the woman he married in prison, fathered a daughter with her, then turned around and confessed to everything when he thought it might earn him some more time away from the death chamber. He was a nasty piece of work, I hate his guts.

  13. This is a really interesting take on RR. Is there any record of him being developmentally delayed?

  14. Yes there is a lot of evidence, from his mother being exposed to dangerous chemicals while she was pregnant, to him having two concussions where he lost consciousness before age 6, and he was using hard drugs around the age of 13. His family was abusive, and I think on top of what were already physiological issues his cousin was a really messed up person who tortured and killed women during the Vietnam war, showed the photos to Richard as an adolescent, then murdered his wife in front of him.

  15. I knew his family was abusive, but I had no idea about his mother or cousin. So messed up. It's killers like him that make me wonder if it's possible to prevent them from acting on their violent impulses with adequate support (medical, psychiatric, etc). Rough shit.

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