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  1. Correct, their drilling equipment kept breaking and had to stop.

  2. Well the alcohol will only make insomnia worse..

  3. Fascinating! Must be an old buried treasure of a butt pirate that got washed ashore after a storm

  4. Must have been a bit of a shitstorm.

  5. "oh shit! I forgot to save the seed phrases"

  6. At least it wasn't the dentist lobby.

  7. I'm also having the exact same issue. MSI MAG z790 Tomahawk with i9 13900k and Windows 11. I am using the same speakers from the previous build which did not output this issue that it is with the new build. I cannot work it out. I also disabled audio enhancements, I did notice that the pattern of the thump sound had changed but did not stop.

  8. It's a grey t-shirt mate. I can get that at any local shop for 1/5 the price without having to use LTC

  9. By the way, nice bike bro. You've got a nice set up going.

  10. I was kinda hoping it was your name and you didn't notice that the tag could be seen and I'd get the whole "wtf how did you know my name?" reaction hahahaha

  11. Goodness gracious, great balls of fire..

  12. You could have avoided this entire naive mess you went through but just logging into your PayPal account, look at your recent activity, not find this and be confirmed on the spot that it's a scam email. let along the fact that the sender email address was complete nonsense also. All that crap before the "" was a scam red flag also

  13. That's old news from 2021.. seriously, why are you regurgitating it now?

  14. As soon as I read "use" used in the tense of "you's" I stopped reading.. should have gone with you all.

  15. I approve this. Sleep well folks. Tomorrow gonna be lit.

  16. Bro is just turning himself into a moonrock. Batman wants to be smoked.

  17. Find them yourself, I'm not going to help you cheat.

  18. Aren't US notes cotton? They call them 'paper' too.

  19. Fun fact: the game’s name was inspired from the novel Alamut by the Slovenian writer Vladimir Bartol, based on the historical Hashashin sect of the medieval Middle East; hashish is a type of cannabis product.

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