1. They're looking for a lengthy appeals process based on novel 5th amendment reasoning that can't help but go to the supreme court.

  2. amazing that "pay me 20 grand" is a dealer installed option now...

  3. No, there's beautiful trees in many places, but the purpose of charging would be to keep people out lmao

  4. charge just enough to be a nuisance, not enough that they become "boutique, craft-grown, organic" trees.

  5. Yes, Roger Miller butchered the name and thus most of America only knows that pronunciation.

  6. This, and for me it's not "a drink to steady the nerves" it's "won money while black out drunk"

  7. I have a versa that did this after 6 months, cheap carpet and foam.

  8. How do you keep autopilot from running over children?

  9. They put one on the pole in Auburn too, it's already at a 45 degree angle

  10. There was only one or two poles at the Biddeford one the last time I was there. There's now a veritable forest of them. It's not the stop sign that's new.

  11. Ahhhh Auburn has always looked like this

  12. so you're saying I need to buy a third bottle? :)

  13. West obviously is not playing with a full deck. Frighteningly, though, based on Trump's appeal, the right wingnuts have no problem voting for candidates who are mentally ill. They're "not politicians," and get so much press due to the outrageous shit they put out there.

  14. I didn't think beanie baby was capable of admitting he was wrong...

  15. Keep in mind, PCs aren’t soldiers. It makes sense that an infantry soldier would use a spear or halberd, and a mounted soldier might use a longspear or lance, and a bowmen would use a… bow or crossbow.

  16. 3.5 was a welcome and needed upgrade. It was mostly a balance pass on the rule set and it smoothed out a bunch of rough edges from 3.0. It was also released in supplement form so you didn't need to replace your books.

  17. I payed 5.49 about a month ago, it's 5.09 now, should be lower around the middle of the month.

  18. Yo man those states are in the highest growing states in the country, don’t shove us down too far we’re clearly doing stuff alright. 😭

  19. This has nothing to do with the post, but since you mentioned Yellowstone...

  20. Sorry folks, moose out front should have told you.

  21. Would they be modernized? Because we really can’t vote for anyone pre-1980 (they’ll struggle to understand modern healthcare and Internet commerce). And pre-1960 presidents may have…let’s be generous and call it problematic views about women, blacks, etc.

  22. Tbf the only understanding of modern healthcare they would need is, "well that's garbage, what are the alternatives?"

  23. I'm gonna go with George Washington. he was very opposed to a two-party system and frankly so am I because it encourages radicalism and nothing else.

  24. George was a disaster as a military strategist, his hesitation to exert power while he was in office probably led to the two party system and the utter political mess it became as well as the civil war.

  25. Nip on over to Fox news and they will tell you how well Doocy owned the press secretary, and how she should just stop trying to out-fox that smooth talker Peter Doocy...

  26. Code says "on a bedroom circuit", presumably so you notice if it blows.

  27. Didn't know that, mine are on their own circuit, I haven't noticed anything else on it anyway.

  28. I tried that. Still have no idea what #16 is. Ha

  29. #16 is probably your smoke detectors. They should be wired on their own circuit, and it's not immediately obvious when you flip the breaker that they don't have power.

  30. Don't worry, you can't really ruin their day by being rude to them.

  31. He left Atari and worked hard on Chuck E Cheese. He felt it had more potential

  32. Well, he took his atari money and invested it in a bunch of interesting things that went on to be huge, and made a number of questionable business decisions along the way that caused both companies to ultimately go bankrupt.

  33. I'll second the clip on traction aids on ice for these, plus without the felt liner these need really thick socks to be comfortable and warm.

  34. If they are about the size of a cat's paw they are rabbit, if they are smaller they are grey squirrel

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