Ecuadorian fans chanting "Queremos Cerveza!" meaning "We want beer!" during the opening world cup match in Qatar. Qatar U-turned 2 days before the start of tournament in banning the sale of alcohol in regular seating sections of stadiums

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  1. Paging Keegan for another poor take on this album

  2. So glad the team figured out that we have to score to win

  3. Let’s use some scripture to back up that view then

  4. It’s ok to be critical. We can laugh at their flaws and they can laugh at ours.

  5. Had to beat Wales to silence critics. Our players silenced the critics against England.

  6. So, it was the players that did well against England, and coaching had nothing to do with it. But it was all on the coaching for the Wales draw, and not the players giving up a penalty on the field? Got it.

  7. GGG subs and tactics cost us the game against Wales. So yea.

  8. Seemingly aged out but a renaissance and injury bug blessed us. Happy for him and the team cuz he’s been a rock.

  9. Did he even play any qualifiers? Crazy to think he just stepped in and has played so solid.

  10. Bummer. I like Camp Trash a lot but not his pretentious take.

  11. If we draw, Iran will have 4 points. We will have 3 points.

  12. Americans like winners, playing for a tie at the end is shit

  13. We’re playing to advance out of the group stage. A draw is fine.

  14. That depends... do we need speed and power? lol

  15. But Morris could give us power AND speed

  16. Not all of these were released in November. Am I missing something?

  17. Shattering capitalism, one iPhone sale and emoji at a time

  18. Seems like Argentina never plays to the level they should with all the talented players they have

  19. Crazy they lost on purpose as a part of their protest

  20. Yep, that is one of the rare successes of W., he greatly improved relations with a lot of Africa and did a lot to fight the spread of AIDS there. I'm not a fan of W., credit must be given where credit is due.

  21. A Republican can't get a compliment on Reddit without also mentioning that he/she is a failure

  22. You should reword it as: Republicans do so little good for the average citizen that even the tiniest of concessions feels like a big deal. The GOP needs to die off already. Covid helped but these decrepit fools are still voting against EVERYONE's best interests.

  23. Lock him in with some starting pitching and we are a 100 win team

  24. And I want a blowjob from Christy Turlington

  25. The best get regularly beat by decent boys High School teams

  26. And every other normal good-hearted person :)

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