1. Isn’t that cruel? To put a child on this earth knowing they will soon suffer forever, unending?

  2. Yea, but back then around the time of Noah , everyone or most everyone just did whatever they want, didn't have faith and sinned like no other , and God wiped em out. He's probably sick of humanity not following his rules.

  3. Hard to claim that each of us are important then huh? I’m not sure if you’d agree with that based on your thoughts.

  4. What do you mean? Doing almost nothing? It's just luck of the draw. I'm on a current contract til end of December and was suppose to help the desktop support team with backed up work on the hardware side and assist with converting zoom rooms to teams rooms. The main guy that's converting the rooms doesn't really need my help so I've just been doing little tasks like wiping surface laptops . Updating machines, or inventory work but it all takes less than 30 minutes usually and I just sit here most of the time.

  5. Low pay for that area. I've done work for Peak for 4 years off and on.

  6. I've kinda been in your boat for a few years , but I'm just starting. Before I moved to Phoenix I thought it was gonna be my long term place . I love the state and what it's done for me so far these past 2 years, but as time went on I have been wanting to keep trying diff cities for maybe 6 months to a year at a time but that takes money up front and I haven't been able to make that work yet .

  7. 2000 miles away. Im not in any hurry to go back (live out west USA family is back east). Nothing against them, I just like it out here alot more than there.

  8. I moved to the area from Ohio in 2016. Would never go back to Ohio.

  9. I have a childhood friend that grew up HERE in Greenville and moved TO Ohio, and THAT was their goal in life.

  10. Its pretty stable the wood slats have velcro so you can lift them off easily and they are two separate pieces i made 4 feet for each leg using a block of wood and 3\4 inch plywood so its raised up a couple inches. Its definitely a ikea quality not heavy duty but it works nice i payed 80 bucks or something at home depot online it was white but i painted it brown just so it goes with my floor looks pretty decent.

  11. Does it feel bouncy to you? I just tried it out and it feels bouncy when moving around

  12. West valley is a dumpster fire and east valley is either rednecks or rich white people.

  13. Not the whole west valley c'mon. It's mainly inside the 101 that it's a dumpster fire.

  14. Both think summer storms avoid them, in favor of the other.

  15. The Bible frowns upon self lust which is what masturbating falls into

  16. Anything your flesh or mind desires in a sinful manner

  17. Asheville is nice, but it's so crowded now. Their road infrastructure wasn't built for all those people.

  18. I don't get the Asheville hype. Unless you like drinking beer at noon and hiking, there's nothing to do. I feel like I'm missing something.

  19. You're not wrong with those 2 things. It has a cozy mountain feel like all of Appalachia . Nice downtown area with plenty of shops as a tourists draw. It's a very artsy town as well. There's more to AVL than beer and hiking but those are the 2 biggest things .

  20. That shouldn’t be happening. Mine doesn’t do that. Does anything else work in the car with key out? I’d suspect something wrong with ignition if that’s the case.

  21. Nothing else works. Only the driver window. The master switch doesn't work any other windows, just the driver. No problems with starting the next morning .

  22. For my experience when they hire you for desktop support/pc refresh it's usually a lot of imaging computers and helping with any kind of user support for those image machines that you deployed. That could include RAM and SSD swaps, software installations, and other hardware like if they're docking station isn't working or their display cable is bad.

  23. When from 65 to 70 on my crv and mph is off by roughly 1.5mph

  24. Just curious if you were able disable noise cancellation on recordings? There's no way to turn it off normally, but I figured with root one could do it. I just haven't got around to rooting because I need my phone. hah.

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