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FTX Bombshell: Former FTX Lawyer, Daniel Friedberg, Alleges Fraud by Sullivan & Cromwell in Court Filing Today against Ryne Miller, Friedberg further alleges that this fraudulent conspiracy was helped from the inside of FTX by S&C’s former law partner, Ryne Miller WHO WAS HIRED by BRETT HARRISON 🔥

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  1. Well, it took me way to long to notice the video was looping and there wouldn't be a conclusion to this...

  2. I saw it on another sub earlier (can't find it now) and it's longer. OP didn't clip it carefully.

  3. Make and save that one for when Edwina and Bake Off are at the same time. That one has a good chance of earning you an L2 green chest.

  4. Rats. No arcade for me, again. I know it's random for their testing. I'm looking forward to its final form for regular play.

  5. Last night, fully generated/drained everything. This morning I get only 3 items out of the oven, and 4 from the microgreens and now they both need to charge again. It’s so frustrating.

  6. Yeah, that doesn't sound right. You might want to check with support.

  7. Yeah, it seems unlikely 8 individuals would make the same choice at the same time

  8. They were restricted shares, so they really couldn't decide this on their own.

  9. I’m wondering what it turns into after vinegar.

  10. Oxygen seeping in through the dried-out cork from storing it upright.

  11. It never did back when I used that generator. I had no idea it started.

  12. Some days I miss pushing to complete orders so that I can advance the story. But yeah, It wouldn't be the same going back to the beginning.

  13. True blue is not common at all in the plant or animal kingdom. Nice find...beautiful!

  14. Well, yes, of course. Otherwise no one knows this sub exists. Just parroting a standard TIL statement.

  15. I don't think i've ever had 9 hours - but i know i've had 5 or 6! Those bonus times really add up. For me - it always happens late at night when i figure , i'll just play a game or two....

  16. I've noticed that I can decline the free 3 hours they toss at me once in a while and it's still there the next day when I'm not about to drift off to sleep.

  17. I've had close to that. I've maybe played off 2 hours when I've had insomnia. I'm always grateful for the free time because some of those levels are hard AF.

  18. I remember those. So embarrassing. They used to weigh us publicly as well, and make us line up by height, which sucks when you're at that age where everyone is growing at a different rate.

  19. I'm not spending more than 20ish diamonds

  20. Fun fact: Some games have a "self-destruct" mechanism, such that if you set your phone clock/date back, they can detect it and will delete your game history. There was one a couple of years back (I can't remember which game now, but it was popular) that would delete your account and ban you from downloading again.

  21. I love RC. Why is all the RC hate coming out now? Especially if it’s not the wasted gamma ramp… Seems pretty sus to me…

  22. I don't think it's hate. I think it's just people saying we don't have any idea if he has plans to be involved again, and all the hype focused on him is distracting from the real reasons to like and hold the stock.

  23. I think he walks on egg shells so if it was the case it wouldn’t be public “fact” yet. Obviously RC has a lot of people that dislike him, MSM, SHF, etc

  24. I agree. I believe that if RC wanted to buy a carve out, it’s possible that he needed to divest his options to avoid conflict of interest.

  25. I went into a Walgreens to buy some supplies. There were two cashiers and one had her mask down on her chin. When it was my turn she was the one who waved me over. I told her I'd wait for other teller. "Why?" she asked. I said "I don't want to get you sick."

  26. Isn't Friedburg the guy that was involved in the UltimateBet poker scandal where the founders of the site were cheating their players by looking at their cards? He's going to get hammered for credibility.

  27. We're either being duped with ever optimistic posts to keep us holding or drinking the kool-aid

  28. I'm a diamond hand holder, but it's stuff that this that make others think we're a bunch of delusional idiots. I'm waiting for real news to "jack my tits."

  29. What are you talking about? My comment didn't even use tinfoil. It's as simple as this...

  30. There is a possibility the new fortified bread came from the current wholesaler, but who says it's not a different bakery?

  31. I just click past that stuff. The few times I've looked the goals are ridiculous. I know they want to nudge people to spend a little money while playing, but this is a giant overshoot.

  32. I usually take a few days to complete these orders, so I try to make some progress on them and save them for Weenie.

  33. Once a House committee makes these kinds of findings, they refer the case and evidence to the DOJ who has to review and decide to launch their own investigation. That's the only department who can enforce.

  34. Wait until you see how many bolt cutters you can make while trying to get an L1 paint can.

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