1. I've groomed quite a few "Hidden Hills" dogs, and the majority of the clients are really sweet. (I show up in comfy clothes and am typically frizzy because of my line of work, so if they were going to look down on someone, theres the chance lol)Only one "celebrity" has ever been memorable to me because they shorted me on payment and didn't tip lol.

  2. "I've groomed quite a few dogs" Where do you get escort from dog grooming?

  3. you said “celerities” and “clients”. i assumed that meant that. and not sure what you meant by “hidden hills”. didnt think it was literally dogs. and also “show up in comfy clothes”

  4. its probably on xhamster and spankbang. search brazilian lesbians and you will eventually see the dark haired girl in other videos

  5. my former best friend is paraguayan. they are real and likely have lighter skin and speak in Guarani

  6. People who copy jokes are the worst people on the planet.

  7. 25 here and mentally still a kid lol im still actively looking for my first career job after college

  8. As an American I initially thought dropping hints or playing games was a female thing. Males typically get chastised for beating around the bush by everyone. So we typically tend to be more direct. It was always rare, yet refreshing to find a female that was direct, confident, and said what she really felt.

  9. so if flirting becomes mutual, at least one of them should finally open up and be straightforward about the attraction

  10. That's not why they're shitty, they're usually shitty for other reasons, but a common denominator is that they often exclusively date young women. Correlation, not causation.

  11. men by nature prefer a womens young looks. its biological whether you like it or not!

  12. Lol ok? I already know that. Regardless, idgaf what your preferences are, I was just sharing my observations with OP, wasn't even talking to you lmao.

  13. or you just wanna make other guys feel guilty for not dating their own age range?! how bout keep those judgements to yourself?!

  14. Tell me you have a small penis without telling me you have a small penis.

  15. and you just destroyed your own credibility and just come off as a whiny feminist

  16. Same. It just shows me how shallow and rude they are.

  17. buts its okay for women to post height and penis requirements??

  18. the Astros are not even close to having the Yankees’ money

  19. so does that mean everything made up of atoms will collapse and matter and everything in the universe disappears??😉

  20. The only jokes they can handle are the ones that offending men. Especially about the size of their pps

  21. NOT beating and being cruel to your kids. I literally see people defend abuse every single day because "el mundo es cruel y se tienen que acostumbrar"

  22. how about men and women act like human beings to each other

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