1. Was going through my old boxes of junk my parents have been storing for me, and found a box full of NOT JUNK. Even kept the letter I got from Cartoon Network. Literally only competition I have ever won in my life, so I was mega excited when I actually won. Ok, that’s all.

  2. Hi, Check your product page, if Amazon is selling as New, then most likely they found a lost inventory. If you have a problem with the brand and can't complain, do this: Try to add it to your cart to see how many units are there, Start a discount on your product, Amazon will most likely win the buy box at any price, keep lowering the price until you feel all Amazon inventory can be sold in few days to get rid of them. Btw, Amazon will be always lower than you because it's free, they can go down to $1.

  3. If one of your items got slightly damaged (like just the box needed to be taped up, but there is nothing wrong with the product), Amazon would possibly be able to sell the item as is and flip from B00 to X00. I do problem solve at an FC and am very familiar with this process. We call it B00 in/X00 out. Basically the product gets a second chance to be sold as is with “reinforced packaging” of item. Hope this helps?

  4. Mr Kata asked me to show everyone this diorama last. It’s his favorite piece. I asked him how he got into Godzilla! He said, “When I was a kid, we were really poor. All the other kids went to go see Godzilla, but I couldn’t afford to go. I was so envious, because everyone was talking about Godzilla every day! So when I got older and had some money, I bought a Godzilla figure. Then I started buying more. And then I couldn’t stop! Haha. So now I have all of this, but I haven’t bought anything in a long time. Maybe I’ve finally graduated from Godzilla collecting.” Then I asked him if he saw the new Godzilla movie. “Yes! I liked it alright. Definitely better than Shin-Godzilla. That was terrible. All I could think was, ‘what have they done to my Godzilla? It’s not like him at all!’” Anyway, thanks for letting me share with you guys!

  5. That's awesome to hear, and I'm so happy that he eventually got to find joy in Godzilla! Thank you for sharing his collection with the rest of us!

  6. I couldn’t get a good video from outside because of the glare on the windows, so he opened it up for me. These things were stunning! He said he’d like to open a cafe or curry shop one day that was kaiju themed. “This collection is really big, and I don’t make any money off it just showing it to people, haha! Maybe if I made them pay 500 yen for a cup of coffee before letting them see it, it’d be better!” More stories from Mr Kata and the grand finale to be uploaded later. Thanks for looking!

  7. I used to live in Japan and i stumbled across a little arcade in the backstreets of Tokyo. He had so much cool stuff like consoles and games and all the japanese anime stuff. It was all kept in like mint condition. Crazy finds.

  8. I know! I almost missed it! I just saw the giant Ghidora head in the window and wanted a better picture of it. Then he’s like “oh, I have WAY more than that. Come see!” Gonna take him a beer next time so I can chat some more and take some more photos.

  9. Sell it, give it away, throw it away - in that order. You really only need one suitcase with enough stuff to live on while you get established. A few sets of clothes, some of your most treasured keepsakes, etc. I’ve moved around a lot during my life, and I’ve only taken one or two suitcases at a time between destinations. It’s kind of liberating to get rid of all your junk and start from scratch in a new city.

  10. I've definitely seen these inside adult video stores. Is that where this one is, or is it actually out in the open somewhere?

  11. It was behind a love hotel in a back alley with piles and piles of trash way out the countryside. I took a classy shortcut to work today, lol.

  12. Had an NHK ossan put his foot in the door so I couldn’t close it on him last year. He learned that’s how you get a ブチ切れた white dude.

  13. Did you tell him お前はもう死ねでいる?

  14. I have a little kiddo not yet in school and this worries me quite a bit. Given the state of Japanese shit education and bullying attitude I’m wondering what if anything I should do now to prepare. I can’t exactly go around cracking skulls, maybe homeschool?

  15. Ask most Japanese and they’ll say “No one homeschools in Japan! It’s illegal!” However a buddy of mine says he tutors a kid here in Fukuoka that’s homeschooled. Definitely want to look into it more. If I have kids in the future, I’d love to homeschool.

  16. What if you paid an artist you like (who takes commissions) to draw a fan art of Spike sitting in front of a TV playing Fallout? Maybe Ein is watching the TV, too, with some half eaten green peppers and beef on the floor next to him, other little Cowboy Bebop things scattered around, etc. I can picture it so clearly (if only I draw good).

  17. Kind of reminds of Kraid, very nice

  18. Does he make prints I could buy?! These are too amazing to not be up on my wall.

  19. Not yet! I’ve been trying to talk him into starting a website with prints, posters, and T-shirt’s, but he’s worried about copyright issues with Marvel. I’ve read up a lot on it, and from what I can tell his drawings are different enough from the original source material to where he’d be fine, but he’s pretty skittish about that kind of thing.

  20. These are some pictures that I took for when we sell it, but I figured I'd upload them for anyone who wanted a closer look. The box is what originally caught my eye at auction here in Japan. Handcrafted by a fellow named Kunihiko Tanaka.

  21. That plane is awesome. How much does a plane like this sell for?

  22. This one in particular can go for several hundred, but the vintage planes we usually handle go from $20-50 depending on the size of the blade.

  23. Ha! Yeah, I finished the carving for Valentine’s but just got around to staining it. Although I used a gel stain, so it looks more like I painted it. Oh well. And yeah! It was really satisfying when I broke the two pieces apart finally, but also really nerve wracking. Definitely a fun challenge!

  24. I love it! Really cool idea! Would honestly lose the watermark app, tho. Your eyes automatically go to that and it takes away a lot from your original piece.

  25. Beautiful collection. TYVM for sharing.

  26. You guys might remember me from a few months ago but I wanted to share a few more photos since a lot of people asked! Here's another gallery I made with a few more photos (sorry if there are duplicates)!

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