1. Alec posted on FB a donation to American Museum of Natural History on Nov. 18th.

  2. If Hillz and Markle are in the same room together next week my brain will explode

  3. Is this a house call? I hope so. Why would she bring her baby to the hair salon when she has a ton of stored breast milk to use when she has appointments Jared must be paid a good sum of money to stay silent. This is another weird fetish photo. Jared is also wearing cushionaire slippers. My guess is that Hilary will be wearing them soon.

  4. They're at Jared's apartment. All that pumped milk in the freezer and she had to drag this baby out in the cold for some nontent.

  5. Is she carrying her breast-pump??

  6. American Museum of Natural History annual gala. The foundation made a donation last month. They get to walk the red carpet.

  7. Doesn’t she understand this is why places like a nice gym etc have a daycare drop off, so we don’t have to SEE this shit? Great your kids are playing and drawing, but NOBODY GIVES A FUCK.

  8. Pay special attention to the beautiful Sharon Tate… !

  9. Thank you for posting!! She grew up in my hometown and was a friend of my older sister… she was breathtakingly beautiful and so very very sweet

  10. She was the epitome of the "beautiful inside and out" cliche. For her and her unborn child to be taken that way. Pure evil.

  11. 'Little peaceful me'? That slag is anything but peaceful. Also when you have to tell someone you're something, you're not.

  12. Staging and encouraging children to fight like this for entertainment and clicks, is contributing to the delinquency of minors among other things.

  13. It’s most likely all gone to be able to have showings of the apartments for selling purposes.

  14. The press has been reporting that the Baldwins are trying to sell the apartment sale since before covid. But I'm having a hard time believing it. The kind of stuff they've been doing to the apartment is contrary to what you would do if it was on the market.

  15. How is it listed? All together or can it be redone as separate units? I agree with your supposition and I wanted to tag you because you are the expert on the architecture and design of these homes they own. So is it possible H just wanted to provide a “play area” albeit on heavily lacquered wood floors with no cushion? The furniture isn’t gone it’s just been moved to another room? Remember last year when Alec was seen with a painting or some framed object in his arm as he packed the SUV. Why are they so mysterious? Is this typical of other celebrity families? Their finances are a mystery too. It doesn’t appear they are desperate for much. I also love that the move to Vermont is probably all Alec’s decision and not H’s because I highly doubt she looks forward to a life of making her own hemp milk lattes.

  16. Wonder if she has a boyfriend on the side. 38 is way too young to be celibate

  17. "I must know you" from that time he dialed 1-800-ExoticEscorts in a drunken stupor and the A team was busy so this one showed up.

  18. This is their new living room. It was previously the never used formal dining room. It's been garishly wallpapered and the living room sofas, arm chairs and lamps have a new home there. There's no longer a dining table and it is probably not missed.

  19. I think they created this big empty space so the kids can run around

  20. If that's what they've done they're insane. Meanwhile all their living room furniture is in the previous formal dining room, recently garishly wallpapered. Those 2 blue chairs used to be in the living room. Both sofas and lamps etc in that room now too.

  21. Did she take this off her stories? She kept the lobby Xmas tree pic up. I could of sworn this video was on her stories right after the lobby pic. Wondering why she would remove it?

  22. I thought this was a very old picture for some reason.

  23. Didn’t he do that same hand to the face when the deputy told him Miss Hutchins had passed…

  24. You are the best. Thanks so much for another steller recap. So much better than the real thing.

  25. She is absolutely awful to him!!! This is not flirting as she calls it, this is downright mean! Never saw a woman demean her husband so much.

  26. How can someone whose life is in complete shambles *and* is an international laughingstock truly be that smug?

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