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  1. I think it's a sign of a system being stretched beyond what it is reasonably capable of, and it's kind of a cop-out.

  2. this is interesting... what do you think of shows like Critical Role that would lead outside observers to view D&D as really anything BUT a "tactical combat game"?

  3. The weakness of that analogy is kind of my whole point. D&D isn't a video game. A video game does push you towards a certain kind of game experience. I think all editions of D&D are malleable enough to conform to whatever kind of play experience you want to have.

  4. But when you play B/X, you still have other capabilities, they're just not explicit. You constantly negotiate them with your DM, and/or your abilities as a player come more into actual game play.

  5. do you provide a map of all the systems they can travel to?

  6. Start small an expand outward. You don't need to know every destination in the cosmo, just where your players are at and maybe what is coming next.

  7. thanks for the help! I think I will go back and re-watch firefly for inspiration here haha

  8. Wilderness stuff wasn't in Basic really it was meant for slightly higher level characters who where well equipped, with retainers and magic at their disposal.

  9. Welp… guess I’m done with sex. Been a good run

  10. It makes sense Han should shoot first… Greedo wouldn’t miss… and he’d know that

  11. I don’t really know the context of either case, so that would be a helpful starter in combating an argument. Usually generalizations like that seem intelligent on their face until you get into the specifics

  12. To be fair I don’t think that’s a right wing view… I think it’s just a MTG view

  13. I dunno...I was on a conservative sub the other day, and there was tons of people parroting "it was taken out of context" or "show me the quote"

  14. I do, although as pointed out, a death save isn't really agency.

  15. Rolling a die isn't agency. It's the illusion of agency.

  16. Illusion is often all people need to satisfy them of an outcome

  17. i thought of a fun quest for my game that i havent had the opportunity to put in there yet...

  18. not sure what kind of game you're trying to run... but I find it only takes me an hour or two to design a pretty decently sized dungeon that will take my players many sessions to get through.

  19. I don't think there needs to be "logic" in the sense of, "is this how an actual building would be constructed?"... but more so just that it has a theme so things seem like they fit.

  20. Whaaa?!?! Steven Crowder telling a massively exaggerated lie?!?!?! Well, color me surprised.

  21. One day you’ll discover nuance and your whole world is gonna get so much bigger.

  22. Yeah, no one is saying that if you need chocolate for a recipe, you don't use chocolate. If you need to assassinate the prime minister of Malaysia, you need a male model. Except you don't.

  23. there seem to be a whole lot of people here claiming that chocolate and vanilla are completely interchangeable, no matter the recipe

  24. men and women are different... mothers and fathers bring different things to the table as far as raising children goes. I think it is valuable but not necessary that a child have both a mother and a father.

  25. That seems like a lot, especially the magic items, especially especially for 1st-level characters.

  26. How much would you put? Of both gold and magic items

  27. definitely has an MC Escher stairs vibe haha

  28. Solar panels address more than pollution, and they're hardly a "drastic upending of our way of life"🙄

  29. Oh yeah, I’ve gotten some great, convincing replies! Yours was not one, but thanks for your time.

  30. lol... I don't disagree that's a solution... forcing everybody into 2x2x2 cubicles in gymnasiums would be ever better!

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