literally the history of the world

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  1. Same issue here. Edge not detected by Ds4. I've been using a normal Dualsense for a while now, but the buttons started to show wear, so I decided to buy the Edge.

  2. I think you misread their comment. They were saying that’s what they bet some people will say… they weren’t saying it themselves

  3. Came here for this, wtf is up with that GameStop logo

  4. Every logos colors are off by at least one color. I suspect it’s for legal reasons

  5. Nature gave us a clothesline, but we use it like a flagpole.

  6. If you look at the image of the “ufo” and invert it, you’ll see it’s an upside down reflection of the deers head caused by the IR flash. You can make out the deers ears and eyes easily.

  7. Stuff like this actually blatantly misunderstands the history of humankind, and actively contributes to the degradation of humanity’s compassion toward itself. Civilization and war didn’t begin because common man’s nature is to fight - it started after we settled down and established property, because of the men who found themselves in power decided it would be so; invented religion to keep us under their influence and remain loyal to them, and told us to go to war with those who did not believe in the same things as they did, and conquer those who they tricked us into believing were inferior.

  8. Hey wondering your per page rate? I have a first issue I need colors for.

  9. !FLAIRY! :stock_up: today is without a doubt a day of the week :stock_down:

  10. something is happening to his legs that makes me uncomfortable

  11. Blind ignorant comment tbh…the dude is literally taking mdma every week…how are you advocating for this? I’m just pointing out how this abusive of self may be contributing to a decay of OPs short term memory.

  12. You should not be doing that shit every week. You'll ruin your brain and your cognition, to the point where you'll basically develop early onset Alzheimer's. Just wait a few months in between, at least a month.

  13. This is true. OPs wife probably called him to tell him that she won that money but he forgot. Now he thinks he’s prescient. Sad.

  14. DRSing creates a kind of GME warp bubble, wherein space in front of us (number of actual shares in circulation) shrinks, while the space behind us (% of the float locked by retail) expands, thereby allowing our ship to attain FTL travel without the need for traditional propulsion (buying shares via brokerages). Ergo, we don’t have to move out of our computer chairs as we warp to alpha centauri.

  15. It’s over anakin, I don’t think I’ll get you in there

  16. What comment? A wild claim she’s part of a pedo operation?

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