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  1. Congratulations on your babies! I think it’s great that you are reworking expectations and being proactive about solutions, and I’m sorry to hear neither of your jobs/industries are providing benefits for such a special occasion. The US needs these vital benefits to be provided for parents!

  2. I think you might be a Bright Winter as your undertone doesn’t seem fully cool. I’ve read somewhere that Bright Winters can camouflage as other seasons and get confused about their chroma, which is why I thought I was a soft summer (and not bright winter) for a while. The dusty rose in slide 3 is a summer color and while the undertone matches, the chroma is softer than you.

  3. You need to start interviewing at different pharmacies and switch jobs. This is an environment enabled by the manager and not every place is like that. I will say that people can be irate when they are in pain or spending a lot on prescriptions, but that doesn’t mean you have to take it on the chin.

  4. Send this pic to corporate! That would be so funny if upper management got in trouble for it.

  5. This is great! I love what you wrote about embracing your shape as it truly is, rather than attempting to conform to another.

  6. Yeah, you really need to contact a lawyer and file with the DOL. You were required to be on call, and working when you werent getting paid, so they owe you for that time. Make sure to get as much evidence in writing (or voice recording if you are in a 1 party consent state) about all this. That is just insane, and you lasted longer than I would have.

  7. Yes they owe you for the unpaid work time! An employment lawyer can take your case on contingency so you don’t have to pay upfront, but at the very least file with the DOL and they will handle the unpaid wages with penalties for the time you had to wait to get payment.

  8. Wow I did this quiz for one of my kids and I’ve suspected she is a warm spring. With your added notes, looks like that could be accurate! D C A A C A A A A. Being mixed has made it a bit confusing to tease out what seasons my children are, and they all seem to be subtly different. Now I need to fill in the answers for my other brown eyed kids and see if helps crack that puzzle!

  9. I would write up the manager for using this font. 3 day suspension since each page counts.

  10. Yes they can. There is a 6’3” verified R, Lorenzo Lamas. Kibbe has never really specified when men starts to have automatic vertical. I guess it’s over 6’5” as we have verified DC at that height.

  11. I would think automatic vertical as low as 6’2” so that’s interesting there’s a 6’3” R!

  12. For men the baseline is vertical and width so I’d imagine that they can be taller and still be yin.

  13. Don’t stop here file a complaint with the DOL. The money that has been withheld illegally is owed to you with interest for every day that you have not been paid. Any check that was short is included. Wage theft is a crime that employers are actually held accountable for when the reports are made!

  14. Wow. I'm falling apart right now. I'll do all of this but I can't fix the homeless in two weeks situation. What would you do?

  15. I can imagine how stressful this is. My mom has been dealing with a lengthy and drawn out eviction in a different state but I’ve learned a lot about how complex the process is for unlawful detainers and evictions. You have more than 2 weeks.

  16. I’ve been debating between fall and summer. I find that winter colors wash me out since I have a pretty neutral skin tone. The lighting in this picture is extremely overcast- wondering if that contributes to it.

  17. I don’t see a neutral skin tone, the gold looks separate and the silver is harmonious. Try true summer!

  18. I’ll look more into that palette! I found some pictures from a few years ago when my hair was lighter with more rose-gold/copper tones. I always thought I looked autumn, but now I see that I could be cool. What do you think?

  19. Yeah I still think you look cool! I can see how the rose gold could make you think autumn, but I think soft autumn beiges would be really boring. The faded red jacket is a summer color and the black/white stripes are true winter.

  20. I use a glass cuticle pusher to remove the invisible cuticle from the nail and push back the skin. If you leave the cuticle on the nail, the dip won’t adhere properly and this causes lifting as the nail grows out.

  21. Yes I noticed the corner there. Again I am still practicing hehe. But I did these thicker so they don't break

  22. You are doing great! My first sets were terrible! Dip is a process that can feel overwhelming at first, but pushing through and learning what works and what doesn’t goes a long way! I’ll never need to go to a salon now!

  23. Apparently the excuse for why drug prices are so high in the US is because we fund the R&D for the rest of the world and other countries are simply unwilling to pay a more proportionate cost because they know that the US will foot the bill.

  24. Its such a shameless lie too. Yeah sure R&D costs paid for by American companies are why insulin, which was invented decades ago at public universities and of which 2 of the 3 manufacturers are European companies, is so expensive here.

  25. They have no problem letting people die to protect profits. It’s antithetical to the concept of healthcare to allow this.

  26. I’m having the worse stomach ache of my life. What is in the food? I can’t even sleep wtf

  27. The shirt in slide four definitely matches the bright spring season

  28. You look so natural in blues and grays but black and white are too harsh on you. You have ashy hair and soft eyes, which both appear cool and your skin seems more neutral. Have you tried the Soft Summer season?

  29. If you have it in writing, whether an email, text message, or document, I would reach out to a lawyer and see if they take on the case on a contingent basis meaning that the lawyer would get paid only if you win and collect the money from your boss.

  30. good analysis, but i disagree with light spring. the peaches and yellows in its palette have always made me look sallow imo

  31. Ooh you know what might be helpful is actually focusing on yellow. Every single season has a yellow, so when you find the one that fits you probably found your season!

  32. Wow this is a gorgeous shawl! I love how different it looks in each presentation, it makes it so versatile!

  33. Thank you! My oldest is still long and skinny, just shy of 5 feet tall and maybe 65 lbs. I plan on making the next couple sizes as well, and maybeeee breaking out my serger for some flats

  34. Team long and skinny over here too! It’s helpful having trim covers as well and buttons diapers work so well for my babies.

  35. It’s been so long since I used cloth, I remember back in 2014 I loved smart bottoms as far as fit goes, and I loved Nicki’s/imagine for the price. I have to get back into things and see what’s actually out there, but buttons seems reasonable and they look like they are constructed well. I checked out Nicki’s the other day and was a little shocked, their inventory is a lot smaller than it used to be!

  36. Yeah their brands are being consolidated, so I think the planetwise label is going away and those products marketed under nicki’s diapers instead. I have some covers from that brand and can use on my somewhat normalish toddler. The rest of my kids are/were too skinny for them until they were almost potty trained!

  37. I think you should look at the bright seasons! I’m not sure if you lean more warm or cool based on the pictures, but the deep lipstick seems stronger than you. The way you styled it is nice and gives off a pinup vibe, but it’s enough to make me think the deep seasons aren’t your home.

  38. To make sure I’m understanding too, even if something isn’t your season/home doesn’t mean you CAN’T wear it or that it looks bad, right? I always enjoyed playing with really bright or deep colors, and I think I still would, but it’s cool to understand why things look the way they do!

  39. Yes exactly! Like the only season who doesn’t look goth in dark lipstick are the deep seasons. But for everyone else who wants to create that effect, it’s as easy as reaching for deep winter. It’s helpful when you know your natural season and it will inform how you work against that for unnatural hair colors!

  40. Now I think your skin tone is more neutral. Possibly leaning warm. A bunch of these colors are visible in the light spring palette and your eyes certainly match the season better than summer. Check out

  41. Hi I can try to help as well. So sorry that happened to you, definitely make sure you feel confident about your season before making any drastic changes!

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