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  1. Nah they look similar to my regular person eyes!!

  2. Would love the 3IV piplup, i can hop in a room some time tomorrow! (I'm on US eastern standard time)

  3. I got more than one HA Dratini breedject over and still need more Moon Stones, so sure, just send me a code and I'll join after the first trade!

  4. Just need some time to hatch the turtwig. I'd like it on a Gible

  5. Cool, I'll keep my eyes out for your comment whenever you're ready!

  6. If this is BDSP - I just got it by random chance and am spreading it to some various Pokemon that I would gladly give you for something you've got, feel free to message me

  7. I just got pokerus and would happily trade over a mon for an imposter ditto! Feel free to DM me

  8. I ended up with a 9-speed Shimano bar-end shifter and a 10-speed Tiagra 4600 derailleur, will that setup work with a 9-speed cassette pull ratio wise?

  9. I noticed them popping up on my searches and they seem to be relatively new, but the fact that they aggregate low-brokers-fee apartments is a huge plus!

  10. Could be interested if you're somewhere along the Turnpike! DM'ing

  11. Thanks for the insight! I agree. La Court is notorious for things like this, and I already emailed them about it. I got an email explaining I still needed to find replacements. But listening to everyone's responses and browsing has showed me how cheap rent currently is. I'm absolutely looking for a new place.

  12. Definitely leave this landlord in the dust! LaCourt tenants have recently unionized against unacceptable living conditions + rising rents/evictions during the pandemic, so ending a relationship with them is probably reason enough to try a new place.

  13. anybody else not able to trade in? it's saying that the feature is temporarily disabled for me

  14. Same thing here - I imagine something's being worked on at the moment.

  15. I've got a pair of SK+s that I only set once with tubeless, took around the block, then decided against them. Basically new. PM me if you're interested!

  16. FWIW, LL’s tend to hate the hassle and cost of turnover as much as tenants hate moving, so I’d at least try to bargain. “Either pay up or move out” is often an empty threat on the part of LLs who will have to go through the trouble of finding a new tenant (and risk losing out on income while the unit is empty).

  17. Thank you for these points! It's so easy to be swept up thinking you'll "lose an apartment" in the rush of the search around here, but truthfully since COVID I think the balance has actually shifted toward a far larger supply of places in need of tenants. No need to pay up unfairly just to secure a place!

  18. Is the landlord a big company like Alpha or LaCourt by any chance? There have been several new tenant unions starting up throughout the community in the past few months alone driven by increased need for tenant advocacy!

  19. I met some great folks from Environment Massachusetts who were canvassing for their 100% Renewable campaign in the area shortly before COVID.

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