12 year-old dominates a raging Karen

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  1. it’s actually crazy how many top-tier pros just use their name for their IGN. verhulst (last name), hill (last name), clane (first initial + last name), nickmercs, nafen, we literally have an “aidenthedestroye” out here, jamesfearless, pretty sure keon is actually named keon irl, i think both mohr and resultuh are just misspellings of their last names, and to top it all off, “zachmazer.” and that’s just NA and off the top of my head

  2. hal’s real name is phillip. i’m 99% sure his username is a reference to HAL9000 from 2001: a space odyssey, and his official ign actually has a 1 instead of an L in the name

  3. is there a sign out in front of my house that said "Dead Battery Voltage"??

  4. what about HisWattson trying to simultaneously oust both Hal and JakeLucky from their respective thrones? Kids a menace.

  5. Lou is still kinda a toxic asshole lol, he just has a great laugh

  6. I think Lou is probably a decent person deep down too. What he went through with his dad probably has something to do with him acting out. These kids are young and on top. Dealing with something major like that can't be easy. He certainly showed maturity on stage at the ALGS during his interview, anyway.

  7. Controller should default to auto-sprint because you can still walk with less joystick input. MKB is up to you. Too bad pressure-sensitive keys aren't possible, where light pressure would be walking.

  8. This is true but I still believe the potential is big enough to cause those same CQC issues as MnK

  9. There's no comments yet so lemme just say congrats you must be feeling pretty proud

  10. All I can say is it would be unbelievable for the competitive apex lore

  11. This literally happens every year with United.

  12. Return it and get something new and easier to clean....that's going to be the worst thing to fill and clean

  13. Yes he was posted a while ago. He juiced for a natty physique and fucked up his hairline.

  14. Thanks, but what exactly do you mean he juiced for a natty physique? He went on juice in order to try and look natural?

  15. As others said, 100% flying ants. Lasius niger to be more specific, commonly known as the black garden ant. Good for the birds, they’ll be gone in a day or two.

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