1. Unless you want to wait ten months for the flight-pass trick to deliver this to you, you've got to book ~$22,000 worth of flights and put your bum in a seat.

  2. Forget the flight pass part in the $60k rush plan - just get the Amex Aeroplan Reserve with a high credit limit and put the $60k worth of flights on it, and earn 12k SQMs from the spend-based bonus - it credits within days of spending, so if he bought all the flights up front he'd have the SQM bonuses by the time he's done flying. Easy peasy! 🤣

  3. Amex will actually give you the number and details before the card arrives, for that card. It's also premium so it comes very quickly by priority courier. So it still shows up super, super quick and can be used instantly upon approval.

  4. I recall someone telling me it was one per month (despite my experience of earning a couple of these in a month). I checked with one of the SE churners who puts millions a year of business spend on Amex APR Business to be sure, and he confirmed there's effectively no maximum for this benefit.

  5. I'm SE, regardless, but would definitely have earned a backup year if I had paid more attention.

  6. That's still clearly worth it then - I'm not in the realm of earning SE let alone backup SE, but for those who are, this is an even bigger win!

  7. Time to cancel your many Disney Plus accounts - that's how we balance budgets in the federal government! (/s)

  8. Thank you for clarifying. I thought you had chosen Ulysses, and wondered why you bothered.

  9. I mean... I think it's less of a true, plot-changing substitution for Ulysses. At least if what I know about the ancient Greeks is accurate. 😉

  10. What is the best way to transfer AMEX MR to Aeroplan? Any deal to get better conversion rate than 1:1?

  11. 1:1 is the best you will get. There has not been an Aeroplan transfer promo in many, many years. I started in this hobby in 2019, and even I missed the last transfer bonus by many years...

  12. Yes, but the odds of one coming tomorrow are so low as to approach zero, statistically. Whereas for Avois, for example, they come fairly regularly, so waiting is more important.

  13. Thanks - R means available space to accept business class upgrades right? I’m not 100% sure if there was space tbh. When I booked, it did say, under latitude, that I’d be waitlisted for eUpgrade and it noted how many eUpgrades were needed per person (13). I filtered the results by eUpgrade eligible fares.

  14. Did you search on latitude cash and then book latitude points? R space is different as between them - cash latitude and cash PY get extra R space (I'm not saying this is what happened, just that its a possible explanation).

  15. I used aeroplane points, not cash.

  16. And it showed the upgrade as immediately available when searching for points redemptions? If so, that is indeed frustrating!

  17. Bad news for Via Preference. As of the 25th of March, redemptions will be dynamically priced and follow the fare rules of the class purchased. Real fucking kick in the teeth. No award chart yet, but I'm betting it'll be a huge devaluation.

  18. Glad I now fly AC between YYZ and YUL instead of taking the train. Still sucks when I go to Kingston. Devaluation city.

  19. Anywhere you might want to visit in the next year, where there are lots of direct flights so your chances of upgrading a Latitude booking are high. Good example is LHR. Assumptions are you are fine with paying latitude for J and for the ability to move dates by up to a year.

  20. Yeah I saw NRT and HND but man latitude is working out to be 5000$ more for 2 PPL . Vs Econ at 3000 RT for two !

  21. I mean, latitude to LHR should usually be around 2kish each way; so ~4.5k total to then instant-upgrade to lie flat Js.... your call but that's how I would roll lol.

  22. I'm an old boomer, I've never heard any of my boomer friends say anything like this. On my phone in a waiting room watching videos, beats the hell out of reading Last year's copy of Southern Living.

  23. That looks like it was cut and pasted from a post I made in one my Facebook groups.😂 I’m doing exactly the same thing for the same reasons. I want to go from 75k to SE.

  24. Maybe 😉 TBH: I never thought I’d get beyond 50k (I worked so hard every year to get it and did mileage runs years ago before I knew it had a name) but with the offers last year and this group and my new AMEX (my current bestie), my goals have changed!

  25. The way I see it, the value of point redemptions alone goes up so much I'd be a fool not to use Plastiq to ensure the highest status my revenue spend can get. Especially when the cost is a wash at 2cpp AP miles.

  26. It's not your job to train your replacement, it's your bosses job to make sure you train your replacement.

  27. If you are a cog in the corporate wheel, I get your sentiment. If you are a senior law partner (one of the examples used by the person you are replying to), it is absolutely your duty to train your juniors to take over. That is an expectation of the profession, as it is for similar regulated professionals (accountants, P.Eng. etc). The fact so many boomers didn't, for so long, because they didn't want competition, is shameful. It had nothing to do, in that case, with a lack of interested candidates. It was self interest and shortsightedness.

  28. I mean, if you are a senior partner then you'd have to be an idiot to not train your juniors. They make you money and the happiest partners I've ever known are the ones that barely practice at all anymore and just get income for going for drinks in the afternoon.

  29. Oh yeah, Super Elite priority rewards provide a ridiculous amount of value, effectively doubling your Aeroplan points. I recently flew my cousin and his family in business class to Oceania and saved around 1.4 million points!

  30. Yeah, the math gets ridiculous at your level lol. Even for me though, as I expect to have at least $10k in revenue flights this year, I am going to use Amex AP Reserve spending - both business, personal and a bit of plastiq - to make sure I hit 75k status this year. Worldwide PY priority rewards, while not nearly as lucrative as J, are still amazing. And with 75k status I might finally get eupgrades clearing from PY from time to time lol.

  31. I kind of want to create a small business/partners sub-section on churning and effective use of AP for those with tax-deductible business expenses. Maybe one day. 🤔

  32. If you are worried about eupgrades being lost/wasted, consider getting an AP black card and rolling over up to 50 eupgrades for a year. You will still eventually lose them if you don't use them, but it may get you a higher balance where you become more comfortable rolling the dice on shorter flights without risking having too small a balance to upgrade longer flights you care more about.

  33. Thanks - I had the thought to cancel my Visa Infinite in the spring (before the annual fee) and pick up a black card at the same time. Good suggestion!

  34. For sure! I have the Amex Aeroplan Reserve (no 200k household minimum income requirement if that is an issue) - I thought I was only going to have it for a year or two but I've kept it longer as the benefits have been worth it, including 35k status with almost zero flying in 2021-22. Using the SQMs for spending in 2023, I'm planning to hit 75k status this coming year, which would be much harder without it.

  35. Speak for yourself!! I know a ton of people are hoping for a recession, and a housing market crash. These things hurt the lower class, but can be catastrophic to the rich (real estate investors for example). I’m ready to watch the world burn, we deserve it at this point!

  36. These people are morons. A house doesn't become more affordable when mortgage interest goes up several hundred percent and then they lose their jobs. It's one thing to want to cool inflation, another to pray for economic collapse and just assume you'll be one of the lucky ones.

  37. Begbie didn't do drugs either. He just did people. That's what he got off on - his own sensory addiction. "That lassie got glassed and no cunt leaves here till we find out what cunt did it!"

  38. Isn't it better to wait till July to select benefits to last +1 year ?

  39. For eupgrades, yes, I agree. That is my plan for eupgrades at 50k/75k. For the bonus AP points, better to make the bonus points active when I am flying... and I have a lot of Q1 revenue J coming up...

  40. But if selecting anything other the eupgrades it doesn't really matter right?

  41. It seems like the majority of churners are using it for business class/first class tickets. Is there still value in doing this with the goal of using points for economy class tickets?

  42. My goal for points is to fly others in economy for free/discount while I buy PY/J in cash (need to keep AP status), or to fly myself in PY/J either directly or (preferably) after using the lattitude e-upgrade trick. So a mix use I suppose?

  43. May I recommend you look into churning? Particularly if you like flights as a prize. There are churners for whom your 3 year total value is an annual thing. And we are very friendly as a group - sort of lol.

  44. We’re friendly until you don’t use the daily thread and make an entirely new post to ask a question about the min spend of a card 🤪

  45. Accumulated a ton of points in 2020 and 2021, probably around 500k? Multiple sign up bonuses (TD VI, Amex Reserve, TD VIP) as well as using my cobalt. The x10 eats on my AP ended this year, and I eat out A LOT.

  46. The reserve bonuses haven’t been very sexy since the one of summer last year. He loves his US plat and it’s only recently I was able to get him to get the cobalt since we eat out a lot. But I can’t afford J without churning so he knows either pay for my J tickets, or churn with me :)

  47. Well, maybe wait for reserve to improve its bonuses then do it lol. If he flies AC/UA mostly, and gets corporate J flights regularly, he could easily make at least 50/75k status, and then use his perks to your benefit if he doesn't need them. At 75k, he could even choose to give you 35k status as one of his select benefits. Something worth considering.

  48. On my Amex APR it was a good 6-8 weeks last year after the statement in which it was granted.

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