1. I just want to clear something up, because the title might confuse literalists.

  2. Nice data. Only thing I'd say is change the graph colors to colors that aren't as similar. That's my personal opinion. Otherwise, well done.

  3. I've had Mr. Morale and the Big Steppers playing for a while. No matter the mood.

  4. Same for 34 year old me, except when the body hurts, then it's more of a slow meander.

  5. I believe this is actually a sycamore. Birch bark looks and feels different. But they both exfoliate there bark. Which is dead anyway, so no worries!

  6. And they decided to have kids? I mean, I applaud their breaking of social stigma, but man, their parents must be pissed.

  7. Free speech is a mistake. Specially conservative speech, now THAT one is the worst.

  8. I appreciate your use of free speech to denigrate a population of people and to disparage the very right you believe to be a mistake.

  9. Do you take adhd meds? I just had a cup after having taken my meds 2 hours prior, and I'm ready for a nap. Fml

  10. No meds. I'm waiting to see a psychiatrist to hopefully get something.

  11. Sorry to ask such an insensitive question. I hope things go well and you get what you need.

  12. Yeah, I had a picture of him from the side, but I can't post two pictures here.

  13. Not really. I is just secure enough in my ungayness that I can say outlandishly gay stuff without being concerned that I may be secretly gay myself!

  14. Well, your name is relatively relevant to the situation, so I'll let you of the gay hook.

  15. Are the colored fish tank rocks a decorative choice? If you're looking to try and save them I'd say just try to repot what is still there.

  16. I found this. Someone wanted to get rid of it. Im trying to save as much as I can. What's in the pot?

  17. Get a cat or rabbit or any other pet you may agree upon.

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