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  1. The DTDC envelope is available at the embassy, you don’t have to buy it beforehand. You need to carry your passport, a photocopy of your passport, the MVV application, passport size photos, IND approval letter, and AWB form (available at the embassy). Good luck!

  2. Hey it’s 750. There’s a particular number you have to call you can look it up on the embassy site. Just call DTDC and tell them you need to book for the Netherlands Visa. They will send you an email and a link to pay the 750. You will have to reply to that mail with the screenshot of proof of payment, name, address and contact. After 15-20 min they will give you an AWB number. Carry this number with you to the MVV appointment where you will have to fill out a form and the envelope in which your passport will be delivered.

  3. I started watching this show “God’s Favorite Idiot” literally today and both Sookie and Michel are in it. I screamed!!

  4. Last tips: porters are not a thing in the netherlands, the trainstation is under the airport (just an elevator ride down from the main hall) and welcome to Nijmegen!

  5. Thank you! I decided to get some luggage straps to manage the suitcase situation. I’m very excited to come to the city. :)

  6. Yeah sorry about that, I was just thinking about airports. Didn't think of what flights would go there.

  7. Aah, got it. I don't get there until the end of next month, so no worries on that front. I looked the festival up, and it looks very interesting!

  8. If you’re an international, I don’t think you’ll be offered housing for more than a year. It would be prudent to take up the housing offer now and look for a place that’s more suited to your preferences in your second year. This gives you a headstart into picking a place of your choice.

  9. Anybody here has ever bought from pearlitup.I placed an order 5 days ago and abhi tak koi follow up nhi aaya.Am just trying to be optimistic at this point💀

  10. I got a blouse from them. They took a while to deliver it but no issues with the actual blouse. It’s super heavy though!

  11. I have no idea about bachelors courses, but if you’re looking to apply for a masters programme, most universities offer the Orange Tulip scholarship to students from most Asian countries. In addition they may also offer encouragement scholarships (Radboud and Utrecht offer this, afaik). Most scholarship deadlines end well before the application deadline, so make sure you apply well in advance. You might need to provide separate recommendation letters + motivation letter for the scholarship too.

  12. In addition to what’s already been suggested, I’d recommend you read (or at least a couple of chapters at least) Discovering Statistics Using IBM SPSS Statistics by Andy Field. You should be able to find a pdf online, if not, DM me and I’ll send you mine

  13. I recently bought a Christmas sweater that looks like this. I can’t get enough!

  14. This isn’t fondant though, this is modelling chocolate. Much tastier!

  15. This isn’t fondant though. This is modelling chocolate. Much tastier than fondant!

  16. The promo lewks for All Stars 6 leaked and they look like they could give Miss Tina Burner a run for her money!

  17. Two people who are never going to meet each other

  18. My out of the roof anxiety that I am a misfit and everyone pretends to be nice around me.

  19. Hm now that’s very relatable. It all seems like an evil cosmic joke huh? I hope it gets better for us someday.

  20. Well I was up late today and only got 2 hours of sleep because of a migraine so... I hope you get some good rest.

  21. Every time I watch Lucas the Spider on YouTube, I tell myself spiders are cute fuzzy babies. And then I see a spider irl. nopenopenopenope.

  22. Can you draw me you know like all the stress and depression being released from my mind.

  23. Wow this is stunning! What a thoughtful cake it is! The colours are beautiful. Do you have a photo of it cut?

  24. The wiki has been started by others. Is there enough information there to fulfill your requests?

  25. Hey! I’m on the official mobile app and it took a bit of digging to find the wiki. They’ve touched upon some useful techniques and it seems really good! Now the only thing left for me is to try and practise, I guess.

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