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  1. Idk about your school but our Calc classes were taught by math teacher not engineers so in that case I wouldn't put much weight in their words and keep trying if it's really something you want to pursue.

  2. From my experience, engineers who taught match never turned out well.

  3. No one is saying they're all Nazis. What we're saying is the Ukrainian government is arming and training Nazis as part of it's armed forces.

  4. Got some sauce to go with that bullshit burger you're trying to serve me?

  5. Bro, I agree with you. So wtf are we talking about again?

  6. Belal doing the more reddit karma runs than title runs lolol

  7. Hear me out: If Belal shouts out

  8. Belal, I think you need to meet Colby in the streets (like Masvidal).

  9. Isn’t it a little weird that your country losing in the WBC is the most exciting baseball thing that will happen to you this season? Imagine if your MLB team lost in the WS like this. Or your NFL team lost in the Super Bowl on a cool play. I wouldn’t be worshipping it, I’d be disappointed we lost.

  10. It's really not like the World Cup though because Americans are celebrating losing the championship. Ask France fans how "magical" they thought Messi beating them in the WC final was. The vibe of the WBC is very baseball centric, not patriotic like the world cup. I think in a nutshell, people are just excited to see meaningful baseball a little earlier than normal.

  11. Damn OP that Izzy Romero fight was so bad you forgot it even took place

  12. Fight summarized: "Kids dropped their controller and went outside to play whilst toddler pushing both joysticks".

  13. Pillow hands Corny Huggington has no chance against Khamzat.Khamzat has better wrestling and especially better grappling.He is younger and stronger too but no worries.After Leon knocks out Colby ,he will disappear.

  14. MF's had 2 title shots already and he's on his third. Lmao. UFC's a joke.

  15. Chael Sonnen does an interesting thing in the description of his YouTube videos. Every video has Conor McGregor, Jon Jones, Colby Covington and Khamzat Chimaev in the description. It’s clearly boosting his views and he didn’t randomly pick those names. They get the highest engagement.

  16. He's always Coby's biggest defender. Dude literally had a poll set up in where the majority of responders said Colby should fight Shavkat next, and yet his whole spiel was that we were wrong. I gradually stopped watching his videos and everytime I do, I learn nothing new - just Chael Sonnen Word Salad.

  17. Not arguing that UFC is prizefighting. But I think that business strategy is a dead end because it's based on Conor and they don't have a new Conor

  18. Conor had his wits and carried himself well. Colby carries himself by shouting louder and louder and his written lines mostly come at the offbeats. Conor was special.

  19. You can tell the difference between an 18 and 20 year old based on their death squeal? Impressive.

  20. Yes, especially if you heard it through your computer at home as the audio bits transfer through quite nicely. Also, Cheetos enhance your sound and noise intake just as much as carrots do your eyesight. We got pros on here.

  21. Colby vs Khamzat next. If Khamzat does not fight at WW anymore, it should be Colby vs Shavkat next. Colby does not deserve the next title shot.

  22. My mind is still processing this and the more I sit over it, the more disgusting it gets. Dana White and the UFC are so fucking corrupt and the injustice to Belal, Chimeav, Shavkat and Burns just blows my fucking mind. UFC isn't the 'gold standard' anymore, it's shifting to the 'silver standard'. Fuck Dana White and UFC.

  23. Injustice to chimaev? He should get a title shot after missing weight? Burns? For beating up a old Wonderboy and Neil Magny? Belal has been active and has more of a case sure. But ww in general lacks a clear number 1 contender.

  24. I mean, both Chimeav and Shavkhat has taken on TWO fights since Colby's last fight and to add to that, Colby last win was against Masvidal who is not even ranked top 10 as of today. Colby get's a THIRD title shot -UNDESERVED. Lmao, what a clown.

  25. He's a Wildcard, we all know this.

  26. You can hear Colby's noise pollution at that very moment and all of us viewers just wanted to move on. Like dude, Shavkhat and Chimeav has fought twice since your last fight- just do us a favor and shut the fuck up Colby

  27. We had this discussion before. This IS exactly what UFC is and has been.

  28. Wondering if he head a crack? Hard to tell visibly what happened.

  29. Anytime a UFC related post pops up in my FB feed, the comments section is always a cesspool of humanity's worst. Often people saying things like "who gives a shit of Jon Jones beat his wife, he's the GOAT."

  30. “Du Plessis can’t just train in Africa and claim to be African.”

  31. Shit posting on Reddit is one way to help me remember the name.

  32. Mods in a moral dilemma right now. Lmao.

  33. Ask him what pull down resistors do.

  34. We all literally said this would happen. Dana said Conor will not circumvent the rules and will have to do 6 months, Jeff Novitsky said the same thing, yet here we are knowing full well Conor is on the juice and not just that, the carpet is rolled out for him to do it as he pleases. like we all literally predicted how this would go down lol.

  35. I remember when Brock got 'test exemption' for fighting Mark Hunt and the fanboys just naturally (pun intended) assumed that Brock would be clean by the time the fight started. The conversations went no further than "he's exempted man, so it's all good". Like bro, he's exempted, why should he even try to stop juicing?

  36. Usman is so annoying. He tries to be so profound and scary but just comes off really corny and obnoxious.

  37. Usman and his 'cool-man-prose-cadence' talk is so fucking cringe. Everyone I've ever met that spoke that way I stopped hanging around.

  38. He was born and raised there, so he's definitely African.

  39. So Usman isn't American, can we all agree?

  40. You asked the question, sorry you don't like the answer.

  41. When did I say I didn't like your answer? assumptions...

  42. you assumed the guy showing off the patches and dogtags didn't even go to Bakhmut. Lol

  43. Yeah, but I didn't assume YOUR answer was wrong NOR did I not like it. sheesh man.

  44. Two, because if one breaks down, there's no immediate downtime to fix it.

  45. I'm guessing Dana never saw this as anything more than a short term gift anyways.

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