1. Given the advances in phone camera tech especially these Pro models the 1" sensor is pretty much done for. Short of having a great optical zoom lens there's no reason to buy one anymore.

  2. I disagree strongly. I've spent a day walking around making direct comparisons between my Pixel 6 Pro and my Canon G9x Mark II (Sony 1" sensor, and probably not the best camera with that sensor), and I'll take the Canon nine times out of ten, unless I specifically want HDR.

  3. Eh, different target markets. You know what you're doing, you know what you want, and you want it for situations where you want a camera but don't want to lug your DSLR or mirrorless stuff.

  4. Oh, yeah, I agree with that completely. And my phone is still my most-used camera, mainly for that kind of snapshots. My contention is just that there's still a very valid market segment for 1" sensor compacts.

  5. I'd generally not describe a lightsaber beam as practical, but if you really want extreme throw for cheap you should consider the

  6. Gimme this, but lengthen it just enough to be a reflector single. Please, Hank.

  7. I think the only way you're going to come in anywhere near $30 with an E21a is to mod your own. You can get a Convoy, either an assembled light or a

  8. The final flash when the picture is taken is most likely at a higher brightness, which either wastes too much battery power or would overheat the flash LED if it was used for a longer duration.

  9. You actually do just plug them in - the charging components are all in the car. The fancy Level 2 home wall charger is just a glorified extension cord with circuitry that tells the charger in the car the maximum amount of power it's allowed to draw. This is an important safety feature.

  10. American homes receive two 120v feeds making a total of 240v..

  11. You'd be silly to charge your EV with 120v at home, but it's not going to damage the battery, it's just slow. Most EV's actually come with a 120v cord, called a Level 1 charger, so you can do this in a pinch (and so the manufacturer can be assured that every buyer will be able to go home with a charging solution right away).

  12. I also find it a little concerning that it's just their 2.0 engine with a cylinder cut off, obviously modular platforms are nothing new, but I would have more faith in something that was built from the ground up to be a 3cyl

  13. That line strikes me as an uninformed writer looking for a snappy description. I suspect the thing was actually designed from the ground up to be both 3 and 4 cylinders with tweaks to the crank and balance shafts, and probably also to share a bunch of parts with a V6.

  14. In addition to the excellent explanation above about selector solenoids, 4 gears in a conventional automatic is more than it sounds like. Anyone who has driven a 4-speed manual can tell you that the gear spacing is pretty wide, and it's definitely a compromised driving experience. A 4-speed automatic is much better than that; it kinda sorta acts like it's somewhere between five and six gears thanks to the operation of the lock-up torque converter.

  15. I always thought slushboxes don't disengage lockup cluctches/torque converter when shifting...

  16. You know, I'm not actually sure. Might depend on the manufacturer, and how much they value smoothness. But I do know for certain that old 4-speeds never had it locked in the first place while they were going through the gears.

  17. I'd thought of buying a Honda next time I buy a new car, but I saw that all their automatics have a CVT.. I can drive a stickshift, but I'm not sure I'd want to buy another car with a stickshift to drive long-term..

  18. My unconfirmed take: Nissan has singlehandedly given CVTs their reputation for bad reliability. As a general concept friction is maybe not a great way to transmit power, but the majority do get the job done and most non-Nissan examples on the market are no more likely to explode than any other brand's random in-house automatic transmission.

  19. Yeah, I have a Fusion Hybrid and was concerned about the CVT, but it’s been trouble free so far.

  20. I don't know about the Fusion in particular - hybrid transmissions can vary a lot from model to model, and manufacturers don't always explain a lot of the details. But many hybrids use an electronic transmission, called either an e-CVT or sometimes an EVT, which is actually a completely different mechanism than other CVTs despite the similar naming. They're probably the most reliable transmissions out there. It's just a planetary gearset with the engine, motor, and wheels connected to different parts. Nothing actually shifts, it just blends the power sources together through always-connected gear teeth.

  21. It makes sense but it's incorrect. You can leave the can in place and install a new drop-in tilting light assembly. The cans are all standardized.

  22. I miss the 4-spoke wheels from the 90's and early 2000's (and some of the quirky 80's 2-spoke wheels), because I really like to drive with my hand at the bottom center of the steering wheel. I can still make do in a few cars; Volkswagens have a split bottom spoke that I can still slip my hand around (index finger, spoke, middle and ring fingers, spoke, pinkie) and it's not too bad. But lots of cars block that position entirely.

  23. You'd probably like the new Hyundai design then - that's wide open at the bottom. I think it looks weird though

  24. Hell, yeah. That looks weird and kinda ugly, but it definitely does the trick.

  25. Yet another "not a tire engineer" reply. It looks like most of the replies you've gotten so far are fairly wishy-washy "it depends" and "try different pressures and see what happens for your needs". But you can be a bit more precise than that, because the tire engineers have already done all the hard work and simplified it for anyone who wants to listen.

  26. You ignored my question. What method do you suggest we use to enact change? You've commented a lot on this thread claiming that the solution is obvious, but you're completely glossing over the method.

  27. You're acting like I'm an idiot for not understanding your plan, but I've just taken the liberty of scrolling back through this entire thread, and this is the first time you've bothered to suggest any actual steps. So you can take your pretentious attitude and shove it.

  28. TBH I love tire reviews but at the same time I don't. I work at a tire shop as a service advisor and some customers will come in and ask for only the Michelin's which will be sold out in their size nation wide. So instead of buying a comparable option they will run all seasons during the winter.

  29. I'm the guy who will come in looking for one particular tire and not accept substitutions. It's not because I need the extra 5% performance, it's because I did a ton of research, found an obvious winner, and didn't bother to write down my second through fifth choices just in case the first one was out of stock locally. If I ask you for X-Ices and you suggest Eagle Ultra-Grips, now I have to go back to Tire Rack and see how those reviewed. And at that point I'm going to order the X-Ice from Tire Rack anyway, because they thought to lay in enough stock of the best option.

  30. HEXIBASE on youtube... he can get a 4 inch driver in a folded horn configuration and it will blow your mind.

  31. Yes I know all about T/S and Iron and a couple others. I came here because I have the very set of Infinity speakers he is talking about. I could not find any parameters on the speakers even through Infinity web site. Wanting to play around a build something with them. My hexibase comment was stated because you stated that you cannot tune a 4 inch speaker to 20hz...this might be true but I never said it could be done either or that hexibase could also not a suggestion just a statement that you seemed to have taken offense to for somereason. Everyone that deals with woofers relies heavily on the T/S Parameters. If not it's basicly a guessing game.This is why I was wondering how you came up with your enclosure idea for the sounds great. I would actually like to build it if you don't mind.I mean it is a small ported box...awesome! That's great! Never built anythingt small that was ported.

  32. I would suggest skipping the all season tires. They are quite terrible in the snow whilst still being far worse than summer tires in the summer.

  33. I live in a part of the US that gets 25-30 inches of snow per year, and I switched tires seasonally for almost a decade. I ranted on Reddit trying to get other people to do the same. But I'm older and wiser now, and also technology has improved.

  34. I live in Northern Sweden and I drive a tuned car so yea, that fits quite well to my situation.

  35. I think we're probably on the same page here, but we're thrown off by regional differences. You'd mentioned M+S tires, but that's a fairly old standard, and at least in the US it's what garbage all-season tires are rated with. I'm not sure if M+S still qualifies as a winter tire for the EU laws you mentioned, but even if it does, there's a newer and stricter standard available. The

  36. I think Dwayne's is coasting on their name at this point. I sent them a B&W test roll over the summer. They were (still are) claiming a 12-business-day turnaround. After 20 business days I emailed asking for an update and they sent back a form email restating the 12 day thing. I finally got my scans back after two months. They were sharp, at least, but they were scanned in full color and had a bad color cast to them. I don't feel like I should need to white balance and desaturate my B&W images, but maybe that's just me.

  37. At over 6'2" I find telescopic steering columns to not extend close enough for me. I'm either scrunched at the legs or over-extending my arms to reach. I choose scrunched legs because it's more similar to most chairs I sit on and I can operate the clutch smoother.

  38. True, even telescoping columns don't necessarily get close enough. But they're miles better than non-telescoping ones.

  39. Hi I have kind of an unrelated question, but I have had a '17 gt for a few months now. I keep noticing that it feels "slow" (not acceleration wise because it is wicked fast) but I mean that cruising at like 45 or 50 feels like I'm going 30 lmao. I'm not sure if it's the long hood? Seating position? I can't figure it out

  40. Yeah, that's definitely a thing. I'm sure it's partly the low seating position; the hood and doors cut off your view of the ground very close to the car, which is where motion is most obvious. Think of driving past a field and how the weeds near the road seem to zip past much faster than the distant trees.

  41. Oh, that's weird. I wonder if there's a defect (or dirt) somewhere that gets blurred into nonexistence at wide apertures, but comes somewhat into focus with the greater depth of field at narrower apertures. Can you see anything when you look through the lens off the camera, at various apertures?

  42. "Beyond" meaning at wider apertures? It depends. It might be some dirt that got in somehow, in which case it's definitely fixable but might not be worth it. Lenses are assembled; they can be disassembled again for cleaning. But it's not particularly easy to do, so it's a matter of whether you have the skill to attempt it, or if the lens is worth enough to pay someone else to fix.

  43. Personally, I only use live view if I'm holding the camera in a really weird position. The viewfinder has better contrast because there's no glare, and it's a much more stable position to hold the camera because your cheek is basically a third point of contact. But having switched to mirrorless and gotten completely addicted to exposure simulation, I can see how I would have used live view if I'd ever had an SLR with phase-detect AF in live view.

  44. I really like the composition on this, but I'm curious about the exposure. The whole image is dark and the sun looks blown out, but it's not fully white. It almost looks like you overexposed the sun (totally understandable to capture the foreground) but then tried to pull it back in after that data was already lost. Why not embrace the blown highlight and let the whole image be a

  45. Will the 500 mag give you any serious damage while shooting 500 rounds in 1 sitting with 1 hand? Forget all the temporary pain for a sec and look at the lasting effects. Beside you little baby hand hurting after words would their be any actual damage to the hand?

  46. I sort of doubt any individual in the history of the world has ever fired 500 rounds of full-power .500 S&W Magnum in a single sitting without using a vise. Ignoring that it's $1,000 or a lot of time spend handloading, it also would not be fun. Sure, maybe everyone complaining in this thread has little baby hands; no doubt your own big, manly hands would let you keep going. But why would you want to?

  47. The idea is for a video. Absurd/ why would anyone do that/ there is not fucking way someone did that. Is why i wanna do it. Yah 1k in ammo is a lot so is the time it will rake to load/ spend all 500 rounds. But hey a vid of someone shooting a 500mag w week ammo gets bout 2mill views. What do u think 500rounds of sw ammo one handed will get.

  48. I suppose someone will want to watch your pain. I'd think pretty hard on how you're going to edit that video down to something watchable and keep the excitement. As far as the viewer is concerned, there's little difference between 10 rounds and 500 rounds. In fact, it seems pretty trivial to edit and act in such a way that 10 rounds seems like 500, so you'll have to figure out a way to make the test interesting.

  49. And it's a legitimately welcome feature if you live somewhere that's not well lit. Hands down the best approach lighting in the industry. Instead of shaming GM people should be calling for it as an setting on more vehicles.

  50. No. If better lighting is that helpful, great, but GM should be herded right along with everyone else in standardizing some other light position that doesn't already serve to notify other drivers that you're backing up.

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