Barr Says Trump Will Destroy GOP If He Loses 2024 Nomination

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Elon Musk Loses $100 Billion in Net Worth as Tesla Stock Prices Plummet

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  1. Kanye can find another running mate. Dems should start supporting his campaign through super PACs, and run ads pitting Kanye against Trump. ‘Trump, soft on white supremacism. Just ask this black man.’

  2. Yes, that's right, dump more money into it, I want to see just how broke you can get

  3. The Tesla Phone. It’s revolutionary. It runs on batteries.

  4. The Molusk is claiming that he will make an alternative phone to Apple and Google

  5. Business executive of the year. Pays 44 billion for a company, proceeds to de-platform his own app in just weeks. They said it couldn’t be done.

  6. If we lose it doesn’t matter. If we win we can win the group. Makes no sense to play conservative down the stretch and play for a draw. That’s bad non progressive football imo. If you’re happy with a draw that’s fine but this game much like wales was winnable with a more endearing manager.

  7. What part of counterattack don’t you understand? Lay the ball off and it’s over. Move on to Iran. Launch it towards goal and the whistle won’t be blown until ALL advantage has played out.

  8. Wtf was that from Berhalter tapping his watch and not putting a ball in the mixer? Are you kidding me?

  9. People always tend to focus on the obnoxious fans, rather than the ones who are actually sensible. It's the negativity bias.

  10. It was an entertaining match. Both sides had their moments. It was refreshing to watch a match not dominated by officiating. England’s strategy to wear us down by giving up set pieces almost worked. We can’t score if we’re kicking corners.

  11. It rolled across the goal line and was still moving afterwards. Incomplete.

  12. The funny thing is ... If someone had caused him to fumble after the ball passed the end zone... It would of been called a touchdown..

  13. Not without a reception. Can’t fumble what you don’t have.

  14. Gingrich is the reason we are divided as a nation. This all started with him. Trump and other Republicans followed his lead. Weaponizing impeachment, ‘political correctness,’ attacks on race and LGBTQ, attacking Democrats in every conceivable way, dividing Congress. He’s a better POS than most Republicans, in other words.

  15. But in Illinois a mass shooting was stopped by a citizen armed

  16. I’m having trouble seeing the problem here. Waiting two years? The GOP House is going to implode under the weight of its own stupidity.

  17. They look great but God if we delivered that exact performance we’d be fuming. Seriously can’t convert anything after that many shots and a penalty? It’s maddening to watch.

  18. Their service and finishing would have US fans calling for heads.

  19. Canada’s service was atrocious, and their finishing was also poor. I’m not sure which part of their game people claim to have watched and want to emulate? Their defensive positioning was quite good, but offensively they looked like a team that hasn’t been to a WC in 36 years.

  20. He has leveraged all that stock. I'm waiting for the hostile takeover. It couldn't happen to a nicer douchebag!

  21. The stock was WAY overpriced anyway, it made zero sense.

  22. Yes, but who really wants Tesla? It’s a toxic brand. Maybe if it keeps tumbling.

  23. He not only sounds like him, his defenders sound like the ones defending Trump. Drop into

  24. He sounds like Trump. Egocentric, short attention span, inflated opinion of his skills, can’t handle criticism and needs a nanny.

  25. How dare he submit his tax returns legally! Corrupt ass Trump following legal tax code!

  26. If it is legal, why is the CFO of the Trump Organization, Allen Weisselberg, and the Trump Organization itself, currently under indictment for numerous counts of tax fraud? (A: because it’s not legal, Trump is a fraud and tax cheat, and has been his entire life.)

  27. Because you’re trying to normalize the nation’s greatest tax cheat, who also happened to be head of our executive branch, an election denialist, a birth certificate denialist, serial racist, serial rapist, serial liar, extortionist, insurrectionist, Russian colluder and the list goes on. The guy is a fraud of the highest order who took an oath to uphold the Constitution while breaking virtually every law as he saw fit for profit and to remain in power. And when he cheats on his taxes, as he has done his entire life to an exceptional degree, that’s a violation of every American’s expectation that he faithfully execute his office and the laws on which this nation is founded.

  28. Happy cake day. I’ve been seeing your comments on Reddit for years as a fellow nuclear engineer, and I’m always surprised at the level of knowledge you have. I never interpreted HALEU in that way!

  29. You know, some days it just feels like I'm stuck in a temporal loop.

  30. Okay, campers, rise and shine and don't forget your booties 'cause it's cold out there today!

  31. That’s why you sit on your couch home & he’s a professional athlete. Competitiveness isn’t about being a gentleman.

  32. Pulisic is a little high, but like you said, everything goes through him so he ends up just getting an inflated score for having been involved in everything we do

  33. His score ends up being a measure of his responsibility. The problem with how they are using him is that a conduit is also a throttle point. Pressure on one player, like Wales applied, disrupts the entire offense. Give him less responsibility, let the game come to him. And if you insist on running the entire offense through him, do it right (4-3-1-2).

  34. He had a weird game, his hold-up play got us the goal but he was otherwise pretty invisible. I'd say a lot of that was on Pulisic overthinking plays, but its hard to grade a striker who doesn't get service.

  35. I think Pulisic’s score is high, given the size of his role and how consistently off he was with service. The entire offense runs through his play, and he wasn’t sharp. Aaronson was the most effective sub. His score should be higher. Apart from Acosta, the rest were mostly invisible. The coaching scores are accurate. Terrible second half decisions.

  36. If Iran beat Wales, they can also beat the US.

  37. Iran getting six points is about as likely as Wales beating England.

  38. If we beat Iran, we would have 4 points and they would have 3. Goal difference wouldn't matter.

  39. Pulisic needs to play further in. He’s abysmal at shot creation and is about as good at crossing as Emerson Royal.

  40. They should play a 4-3-1-2. Less width, but great midfield possession and it puts Pulisic in a central location which would play to his distributing strengths. It’s a strong possession formation. (Would have been ideal against Wales five man back line. Go in the front door.)

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