1. I've never seen a subway receipt look like that and I've worked in subway for 10 years. No foot long even with double meat /pro is ever gonna ring up that much and even if you added a bunch of stuff to it it's gonna itemize it so you know you got charged for extra pepperoni or bacon or cheese it's not just gonna say subway either it will be the name of the sandwich.

  2. the subway i work in is also in a gas station and i can confirm that 23 dollars for a footlong is crazy I’ve never seen it the 8.99 six inch is not as bad but sheesh

  3. 23 dollars for a footlong and 6 inch bro

  4. Not allowed to reference Breaking Bad in any way.

  5. hmm, try changing the keys to something else, like the arrows, and see if it works there

  6. So it's def the controls. And you have no other controllers plugged in?

  7. There's very few story based games in VR at the moment.

  8. Well, for example, Walking Dead Saints and Sinners. I know its not "realistic" but its a story game. Boneworks, and I guess Blade and Sorcery despite being a sandbox. Anything along those, or a shooter.

  9. i have scoped vault contents 10 times now and only cash

  10. It happens every now and then, just bad luck. Keep going or do the cash heist. Also make sure to do the heist take glitch so you don't have to do the scope out mission every other time

  11. im not sure what the heist take glitch is but we just go into story mode and back into online to rescope, is that what is causing it to be cash? i assumed it was rockstar fighting people forcing contents

  12. A 2013 game isn't going to run all those mods. Hell, I can hardly run LSPDFR.

  13. It's not just the mods. It's me copying files to mod folder with OpenIV

  14. didn't know not liking a weapon skin was racist

  15. yep it really was discriminatory speech you said "I hate black"

  16. Nope. you have to go find it. While flying, you should be stopping every few seconds so it can catch up.

  17. Unfortunate, I had been sailing, and I hadn't put the cat in my boat for some reason...

  18. 1, Graphics too low. 2. Need glowing glove (level 100). 3. Go into settings and change your render distance and other visual sliders.

  19. This would be an interesting dynamic to have in the game, but I do not believe a mod like this exists yet for FS 22.

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