1. I know this doesn't answer your question or help in any way but have you look into NX for managing your mono repo?

  2. Unfortunately not! I’m working on an existing codebase. I wish I could use NX but just not feasible at the moment.

  3. Interesting, but it does make the assumption your repertoire is up to date. Novelties come up as 'not-following-the-repertoire', so might be useful to have some sort of cross-reference to livebook or some up to date master-database.

  4. Thank you! I had no idea chessbase did this. I’ll have to check it out.

  5. BLGR says:

    I tried but for me it didn't work properly. I added my Sicilian Repertoire for White and the program claimed that my opponent deviated 1. e4 c5 2. Nf3 d6 3. d4 cxd4 4. Nxd4 Nf6 5. Nc3 with g6.. And my repertoire (well obviously) covers the Dragon variation more than that.

  6. Would you be willing to DM me (or paste here) your repertoire that was being analyzed incorrectly?

  7. Those buttons in the My First VB4 Program dialog - that snappiness and responsiveness - we need that back in today's web. Too many times I click a button and can't even tell if the click registered.

  8. You can generally tell if you’ve clicked a button because the browser stops responding

  9. Create a service that fetches all the data you need then hold onto the information. Then any component can ask for that data whenever they need it.

  10. Yeah, something like this makes sense. The data is pretty unrelated, so it almost feels like an “all the things” service, which is a bit weird to me. I was wondering if a prefetch service makes sense.

  11. If component B is not dependent on the data from component A, then why are you waiting for it before rendering B?

  12. It just doesn’t make much sense to display the child components without having the data from A. It’s really pretty hard to discuss with this level of abstraction, I know, but it’s not like I’m making up the render/fetch waterfall phenomenon!

  13. Yea had a few issues in the past that only occurred in a production build. I think it was mostly related to AOT not being the default for dev server back then.

  14. Yes once when I didn’t set my prod environment variables lmao

  15. Do you have a recruiter with the company? If so, consider sending it to them and asking them to pass it along to your interviewer

  16. Yeah it's kind of crazy that Google has all the same stuff... Just closed source or non industry standard.

  17. Apply now. Most FAANG give you a lot of flexibility for interview scheduling, so you'll likely have as much prep time as you need before the interview.

  18. It was never a fun thing for me. Leetcode is a chore to get something you want in life. I treated it as such. Set aside specific time to do it. Did not listen to music because I wanted more of a simulation of the real environment.

  19. Whenever I dig into my rides I am curious the same. I want some functionality that exists on pzpack.come but not going to pay for it, so think about just writing a simple app myself and opening it up for free. Maybe one of these weekends I'll get enough motivation to actually do it

  20. I’m tinkering with creating a react app to do it just with a user-provided CSV. Maybe at some point I’ll change to using the unofficial API, but no reason to do that til I make a reasonable front-end and, you know, follow through with the project. Also, the unofficial API seems a bit gnarly since you need the user’s password 😑.

  21. I started doing this a month or two back, but my skills are definitely much more on the server side, so making a nice UI ends up taking me forever. It ended up like a lot of my other side projects, which is to say I got bored with it and haven't touched it in a bit :)

  22. Yeah I’m just doing the CSV data for now. I think there’s some pretty interesting trends over time from that data alone. I have no problem doing the manual CSV part personally. Maybe I’ll expand it when there’s an official API but no way I’m going to handle passwords

  23. Something I realized: future you will never think current you was too old to do anything

  24. Actually LC should probably throw even more curveballs to simulate interview conditions

  25. Every day for 40 days is pretty wild. I'd recommend actually creating a schedule and, importantly, scheduling breaks. Days that you don't leetcode at all. It makes all the difference to avoid burnout.

  26. Google. Their leetcode-style questions all felt quite hard to me.

  27. Google was just straight up frustrating. It was ages ago, and part of an acquisition, but I still remember sitting there trying to explain that I’m a UI engineer and having a backend engineer stare blankly at me like “Yeah, but how long will it take the cow to eat all the grass?”

  28. Yeah they don’t do those types of questions anymore fortunately

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