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  1. os sao paulinos curingaram tanto que decidiram voltar para 2005 quando eram crianças e felizes, por isso deste comportamento 👆

  2. what are you going to tell your kids when they see your video taking 2 guys at once?

  3. I don't have any idea if it will fix it but maybe renaming some parts (table, bench, servingtable) to canteen and marking as staff only. That should make it into a staff canteen and will maybe fix the problem. Hope it helped

  4. I fixed this same problems days ago putting snack machines in the room

  5. It's happening to me too. I think it's one of the bugs they are addressing in the next patch.

  6. When he was on top making millions he never cared LOL now that even weak Stroll beats him he has to find a way to promote himself and be the nice guy

  7. o que se espera de um cara sem neurônios após o uso excessivo de drogas?

  8. first domino should be "Alex albon farting pure blood"

  9. I have the same problem. Once a girl asked me " why do I paint my beard"

  10. "whats wrong with my chicken?" Should have a picture of a chicken ripped in pieces lol

  11. well and there is another way to keep your bloodline pure????

  12. Do maior campeão da história da Copa São Paulo.... organizada pela FPF.

  13. pra mim a parte mais triste da notícia é na parte que disse que alguns jogadores com passagem pelo são paulo perderam o anel com certa frequência, ai é foda

  14. some hours ago I was playing with Astral or others comps but buying all nunus and keeping them in my reserve. It worked haha

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