1. We also have to remember, Ryan wasn't always crazy. Initially he was the straight man just trying to build a career. Then drugs fried his brain

  2. maybe account was hacked? Did you check transaction on your banking account? Maybe someone purchased and played forna while

  3. Nope, I have 2FA enabled. No one has accessed by account.

  4. weird then...wonder what Sony would say

  5. It definitely looks like some sort of ad to make gamers curious.

  6. Why Batchelorette Party have male/female strippers?

  7. Youtubers bought lamborghini just by talking and anlysing official GTA V screenshots (released by rockstar before game launch) in 2013.

  8. Is there any real life crime/robbery done successfully after inspired by some fictional books/comics/movies?

  9. Because JK Rowling on Twitter a few years ago said they disagreed with, so tried to cancel her and anything she's associated with.

  10. they are getting so greedy. Looking to switch before I can no longer send a single email after using their services for a decade. Who's the next best one for under 2k subscribers and more sends/month?

  11. Even I am also looking for an alternative. I have heard a lot about mailerlite. I will do some research.

  12. It will be the ultimate test of force for Darth Vader. Supes is pure unadulterated brute force, unmitigated power. He did not have to learn anything else. Darth Vader can use the force to stop, pull, push large mass.

  13. One bitch slap from superman is enough to end vader.

  14. In India it's still out of stock everywhere and even if it is listed online it becomes unavailable within seconds and scalpers are still selling it for almost $950. It's sold above it's MRP even in the second hand market

  15. Gaand maar deni hai bhai in scalpers ki.

  16. Where to watch movie 'The Tunnel to Summer, the Exit of Goodbyes' ?

  17. I wanna see the scripted panel for that shit of Batman’s dick. Like is it as thirsty as this?

  18. Which black label mini-series was this?

  19. I’d never presume to tell Frank Miller how to write his scripts… where I’m stuck is DC deciding to publish said script. I mean, it’s at best… a little embarrassing, isn’t it? I mean, the pandering comments “It’ll drive them crazy.” and “Make them drool.” This feels like something out of Jemas-era Marvel’s “Bad Girls for Fan Boys” initiative.

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