1. Then why do all these Republicans fly a racist Dixiecrat flag?

  2. I'll take "Clearly Got My Understanding of The Civil War From Popular Media" for $1000, Alex.

  3. Sell their product to governments? Like why do supermarkets make money? They sell stuff you need as a person. Governments need weapons

  4. I'd love this. Even more so if Fulgrim is the one being whipped. Wait.

  5. "Oh no... dont beat me all over with those strong, muscular beekcake arms! Certainly dont choke me with those giant, grasping man-hands until I, pass out! And whatever you do dont take that giant rubber... club laying over there and beat me with it then impale me with it, that would be terrible!" -Fulgrim, probably.

  6. If you aren't drawing hate from Government, their Cronies, and their Apologists for telling the truth then you're not doing real journalism.

  7. It’s a double edged sword. Libertarians also believe that the government has basic tasks and one of those is to protect the people. In the US, that’s a problem nowadays. But people protecting themselves can quickly lead to excessive violence as is often witnessed in the US. There must be some middle ground.

  8. The only political entity that doesn’t believe the government has some form of responsibility to ensure their citizens are safe is anarchy. Libertarians believe the government should stay out of people’s business wherever possible, not that they should have no business to perform the basic duties of a government.

  9. Libertarianism is a tent, there are key tenets such as individual choice and responsibility in lieu of government, but the degrees they go to are hotly debated and the cause of accusations in the vein of 'not a real Libertarian'.

  10. Because giving the government a monopoly on firearms definitely didn’t go horribly wrong multiple times throughout history.

  11. Oh, but they claim it will be (D)ifferent if their enlightened rulers are at the helm. According to them all the times a government started murdering its own citizens it was due to just not having the right people in charge, not a consequence of governments can ultimately do whatever they want because votes and protests can be ignored when you have a monopoly on.violence.

  12. Been using it for two+ years full remote with video conferencing, and I am never the one with issues in a meeting. Your mileage however may vary as it will all boil down to how subscribed your cell is.

  13. Grocery bill has tripled, gas bill has doubled, energy bill has doubled, wages have not exceeded cost of living whatsoever. I just got hit with a $600 power bill, gas is back to $3.79/gallon here. How are people sustaining this?

  14. The cost of having "the adults back in charge"

  15. Reminder, police are civilian. They may be a higher class of citizen per our screwed up politicians, but they ARE still civilian.

  16. Dude they got people saying civilian to differentiate everyone who isn't a firefighter, paramedic, or EMT now too. Fucking ridiculous.

  17. I get it, it's an easy way to separate "professional" from "probably not professional" heck I used to do it mentally for quite a while.

  18. Be careful of citing dictionaries as sources of truth, they will change based on common usage, (specifically the people who work there's opinion) instead of historical use or what makes sense. 'Civilian' was to differentiate between uniformed armed forces (subject to UCMJ or not in the US). Removing police from the term civilian however makes ironic sense with the militarization of law enforcement over the last few decades.

  19. It's almost as if they are setting us up for federal policing. That would be weird right? Like having the neck tattooed corrupt as anything Capitol Police build a department in California - oh wait.....they did!?

  20. Schlicter's book series has something similar. In the Democrat States after The Split they intentionally use violent criminals as low level police because they keep the sheep in line, dont mind roughing people up, and don't question orders. Not saying thats what they are doing but hard to not think of that in this case.

  21. Capitalism is voting. You choose products you want, services you like, by voting with your dollars. Human needs are met by meeting other peoples needs and they vote on the ones that meets their needs best with something that matters to them, scarce resources. Choice drives markets.

  22. His episode on Lincoln should be mandatory viewing

  23. They weren’t looking for compliance. They were out for blood. His hands were already restrained as they were punching him in the face

  24. And kicking him, and using a night stick on him, using pepper spray, tasing, and taking turns holding him so the others could get clean shots.

  25. There isn't a constitutionality check on laws.. probably should be.

  26. Sure there is, its just the check aka The People are too busy with their distractions and team identity politics than being concerned with Liberty.

  27. Holosun justasgoods now simping for Ping Ping. Having dubious taste in optics is one thing but keep your fetishes out of it.

  28. I think it came out a few years ago that they donated some money to Democrat war chests, but if memory serves they also donated money to Republicans as well. The argument being that they are trying to get influence with people who end up on committees that spend Gov money and they want a slice.

  29. Drip was so yesterday, now the cool is runs...

  30. If its the entire world participating they have no excuse to not send bachelors

  31. Thank you. Not that it apparently needs to make sense, but I wonder how a point system creates anything safer on balance than regulating any particular features. Or is ‘safety’ even the goal.

  32. That and what most people would do is maybe exaggerate, not outright lie. He thought "making up" information about Pfizer engaging in horrendously immoral behavior is what would impressed a date?!

  33. Pfizer: We did a thorough investigation of ourselves and have come to conclusion that everything he said was false and there is nothing to see here.

  34. Remember when the Progressives hated Big Pharma? Strange times.

  35. Suppressors are regulated under the NFA. So in order to purchase or make one you need a $200 tax stamp and a background check from the ATF.

  36. And wait upwards of a year each time.

  37. Which weapon did he have? None was armed. But you seem to think that flags is a deadly weapon? You just keep showing your ignorance to facts.

  38. He had a walking stick or cane with a taser built in I think.

  39. They won't be satisfied until we have the 'peace' of a penitentiary.

  40. No they're not lol. China gladly participates in capitalism. The difference between china and America is that china actually advances their country through mass investments in infrastructure, renewables, based IP theft (that every country should do), etc.

  41. And America has a free market when the rich controls everything? Literally corporate tyranny lol.

  42. There's no free market here either. When you literally have to get permission from the Government to do business, pay its fees, follow its rules the market is controlled by the Government who then favors their friends and allies with its powers and regulations.

  43. Firepower feels like it was just bought by some startup and tacked onto the ASA. Totally separate interface, requires a separate vm, absolute lunacy couldn't wait to hand it off to the security team when i was done setting it up.

  44. I talked hella shit about Fortigate until I worked with Firepower.

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