1. I'm also recovering from a breakup (after 4 years) and it's so weird going from talking 24/7 to someone and having our wedding ideas/baby names and our life together picked out to never hearing from then again.

  2. Perpetual Oud is sold out in my country anyhow, but do you find it’s with having both this and Rose Gourmand?

  3. The longest relationship you'll ever have in life is with yourself. We come alone, we go alone. That's life. Start being comfortable with yourself.

  4. He doesn't love her, it's just a trauma bond. It's not real healthy love. Sometimes humans gravitate towards complicated situations. Pain and love often go hand in hand even though it shouldn't. It's romanticized pain that's painted as love to avoid the harsh reality of the situation and trauma.

  5. Kayali Sweet Diamond Pink Pepper (big bottle) was the most expensive and I don't regret it one bit πŸ’œ

  6. As a fellow south Asian person.. all I can say is... therapy. If you look up south asian therapists on Google, there's therapists that can meet with you online and they will understand our cultural struggles and work with you. I highly suggest you look into it!

  7. Indeed. I am not meant for the streets, I'm meant for the honeymoon retreats πŸ’€

  8. I've had all of them. My favorite is Brazilian Crush Cheirosa 68 (the pink one)

  9. I do know that my family does have extensive mixing between central , west and South Asia people. But we are from Pakistan :) although my mum is sort of from the north west parts (KPK) (some Iranian too) and my dad from north east Pakistan / north west India. However I do consider myself Punjabi? But DNA tests states either strongly Kashmiri, Pashtun, Punjabi Jatt? And some other one

  10. Following - also does anyone know similar YouTubers or online creators that are similar to the wizard Liz? I've watched all her videos now and need new recommendations

  11. No BMAC was really a mixture of central Asian groups (this includes afghanistan, turkmenistan, uzbek etc)

  12. Rare beauty 100% - I will never go back to any other blush now

  13. i just wish they'll come out with more shades

  14. Like what other shades? I felt their shade range is impressive

  15. Cool - Consider uploading your 23andme results to gedmatch and illustrativeDNA, you might find better answers!

  16. That's okay don't worry, I had a 15 min therapy consultation yesterday and cried too LMAO. It be like that sometimes.

  17. I would say about a few months and tatcha products are worth the splurge IMO.

  18. Thank you for your service 🀝🏾 of testing them all out for us lmaoo

  19. My grandparents saw each other at a market and grandpa went home, told his dad he's in love and sent the proposal and she said yes and they got married LMAO. That quick. They were together til the end and she loved him so much.

  20. I must know! Was there a specific episode or was it just in general?

  21. Not very. I would take everything you read here with a grain of salt.

  22. I would probably share it 😭 but in a nice way. I self reflect so much too so if I can help those closest to me improve, yeah I'm doing it. I don't like hiding shit from those I love.

  23. No bc attraction is important to me but that being said, personality dictates my attraction to someone more than looks. If that makes sense.

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