1. I just bought the Ttartisan 11mm fisheye! It’s a little funky but sharp enough and tons of fun. Definitely nothing like it on the market in M mount.

  2. I was thinking about getting one of these for some 90s skate style shots. I feel like it would look so cool printed too!

  3. I’ve shot a few punk shows with it. I’m not sure I love it yet, but it’s definitely an interesting look and makes stage dives look huge.

  4. The shadows lean a bit green to my eye. I’d caution a guess at Fuji 200 or 400. But without the negative it’s a shot in the dark.

  5. Leica m3 and 50mm f2 collapsible Summicron for $500. Had a friend who worked at a thrift shop and texted me when it came in. Unreal

  6. Checking out that label’s website and they have some HEAVY hitters! Fuck yeah, thanks for the recommendation on this!

  7. Pick any body and the 40mm cron. That’s the perfect travel combo. Tight enough wide enough fast enough. Rock the one body one lens. You’ll focus more of experiences than futzing with gear. You will not regret it one bit.

  8. Rb67 is probably the camera I regretted. When I pulled that thing out of the box, I realised it was already too cumbersome. I got a left-hand grip and shot about 12 rolls on it (which were amazing, by the way)

  9. I was gifted an RB kit for free and absolutely hated it. Coming from rangefinder world it was just too big and unwieldy. Images were unreal but I’m not a tripod guy. I ask the donor if he cared if I sold it, he said donate some of the money. It’s an excellent camera but definitely not for everyone

  10. A 50/f1.4 Summilux (v2). It was nice, but no nicer than the 50/f1.5 Nokton I was using and just cost so much fucking money.

  11. Modern CV glass is just so damn good. Different character but in terms of IQ there’s no clear winner. The CV 50 1.5 is unreal. I hope you kept it and sold the lux

  12. As far as I know, no. The Leica copies came about at the end of the war after Germany lost all it’s patents and the soviets got half of Germany. These “nazi edition” cameras were made as a scam for tourists and people who didn’t know any better. I imagine some Russian vendor selling a “genuine camera used by SS officer. Good price, comrade…”

  13. I sent this Kodak E200 to my local lab and something is definitely wrong… The film was fairly new when shot but then laid forgotten in a drawer for many years. Positives lacks any hint of colour, and when “corrected” in photoshop it’s clear it’s back and white. Was there an error in processing or is this just how E200 behaves when mistreated in storage?

  14. Definitely not the lab. Just old slide film. E-6 ages like milk, so it’s definitely par for the course.

  15. Looks like a iiiF red dial, maybe worth $200-300 if it’s fully functional, which it probably isnt.

  16. 50 cron on my M3, 35 lux on the m7. The 28 Elmarit comes out exclusively to shoot shows. Every lens has a specific use in my mind, so I can justify owning them all ;)

  17. Pentacon/Kiev has a fisheye for around 300€? Called Zodiak, 30mm IIRC. And a Mir26 45mm, which is equivalent to, as the name suggests, 26mm on 35

  18. This is a trend I can get behind. 17 seems like a more wieldy focal length than 11. Think you’ll do some more with it?

  19. I can't wait to see results. FYI, your flash may not cover the whole fov. Mine's hit or miss at 16mm and your fisheye is a fair bit wider. Either way, it's gonna be cool.

  20. I’ve thought about that. I could gamble on the vignette being interesting of bring out the big Metz 45. Might be worth packing just in case…

  21. I think the vignette at shows will work pretty well. That Metz 45 is serious.

  22. Nice guitar solo, shame if you go blind for the next 30 seconds…

  23. I only shoot two film stocks ever, and I bulk roll one of them, so. Trash.

  24. Is this a forever lens for you or do you plan to sell in the future? I modified my 40 to show 35mm lines. Worth it if you’re going to keep it

  25. My Rokkor 40 is my go to travel lens over my 35 lux asph. The size/weight savings are a joy plus the rendering is phenomenal. I’ve never missed the extra stop.

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