1. Catchers are useless. But this isn’t “fantasy statistics”.

  2. Traded away my Starling Marte for Kris Bryant… buying low on KB. What do y’all think?

  3. Already have mookie and Robert. Need HR & RBI’s, Marte has been injured multiple times over past couple weeks. He’s a solid player but KB is bound to bounce back especially at coors field. Maybe I’m looking at it wrong

  4. Got a couple of their luster pods the other day and they don’t really even compare butterfly effect and Klutch

  5. Sherb head was the most disappointing strain I've had in the program yet. Not even in the same ballpark. Klutch goofed with that strain imo

  6. That’s pretty wild. My girls favorite strain is sherbhead and I find it to be one of the best hybrids in the program. Think it’s all just personal preference really

  7. Why the fuck is Chris Simms so awkward🤣🤣

  8. Certified cultivators carts are always full of pinene and gelanas flower always has pinene in it as well

  9. I really like the taste too. Also would prefer a different tank. What do you think gives it the great taste? Do they add something?

  10. Botanical terpenes instead of cannabis terpenes


  12. Personally one of my favorite carts around. Big sativa head and that strain lights a fire

  13. In terms of sleep I love the burkle pod by GO, ice cream cake flower by klutch, northern lights cart airopro or just in general good strain for sleep. Keep hearing good things about lemon dosidos but have yet to try it. Good terps to follow for relaxation and sleep are mycrene, terpinolene or caryophyllene. I’m also a big fan of limonene for an overall “relaxing” high

  14. I’ve had the 500mg fruity jewels sativa cart and it was pretty solid honestly, was super smooth and tasted dead on fruity pebbles

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