1. in this flood of comments no one will notice that I love pizza with pineapple

  2. Original Post got removed for self promotion spam:

  3. Director's Cut is still available for purchase but the original is no longer available:

  4. Wasn't an Nvidia leak, it was a survey that was asked and it was leaked from there:

  5. At the same award Valve won Gaming Hardware of the year for the Steam Deck as well:

  6. Curious what everyone nominated. For me personally:

  7. Have they fixed/changed the turn limit yet?

  8. I thought you got bonus rewards for clearing the level in a certain number of turns though. Is this just to remove an upper limit but not change that core concept?

  9. Just to remove the upper limit. Initially, they wanted to make it at 99 turns but they decided to do this instead. If you finish the level now fast you still get rewards but there's no penalty for taking your time.

  10. Spilt was bs. Great performance from Petch though!

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