1. Trying to think of a character who fucked up harder than Benedict Wong did in Sunshine. Any suggestions?

  2. I thought this was cool at SHIT when I was 17 and haven't seen it since, so it's probably a really safe bet that it infact sucks ass.

  3. it was a rough revisit for me lol some of the fight scenes are fun but all the stuff in between is a slog and the final gunkata confrontation really gives up the game on how silly it looks

  4. i think, given the pedo assault allegations and history of abuse, that was probably a strategic choice.

  5. I mean, just imagine Griffin trying to do that Hanks faux-Dutch accent

  6. "We are the same, you and I! We are two odd, lonely podcasts, reaching for eternity."

  7. I love FD but The Purge is definitely the more interesting franchise. Each film does a lot to build on what came before. The First Purge rocks.

  8. I like Kon more (though I love Von Trier), but the Miyazaki series was such a disappointment, that I kinda don't trust them with another anime director

  9. Here’s the thing: the failures of the Superman sequels are interesting, weird swings. The bad TMNT sequels have nothing to talk about—in the 90s the costumes just get cheaper and the stories duller, and then the Bay-produced ones are just “oh the turtles look weird and uncanny”

  10. just a failson trying to mask his weird misogyny as pushing the boundaries of TV with empty edgelord bullshit.

  11. Failson doesn’t really apply to a guy this powerful with the biggest show on tv. Nepo baby edgelord

  12. Id be happy with either but my pitch for Rocky is that the films have much more interesting relationships to each other because it’s a franchise.

  13. It is truly wild that almost all modern zombie tropes are born here. The running zombies, man as the true villain, and the scuzzy aesthetics are all still deployed to this day.

  14. “man is the true villain” dates back to at least Day of the Dead, which is mainly about the conflict between the military and scientists in an underground installation. There’s basically only one zombie for 90% of the film

  15. My favourite Romero! Unbelievable score, too. ❤️

  16. “I’m gonna miss the chase.”/“No, you won’t” is such an incredible small exchange

  17. i’m not gonna go so far as to say it’s good, but i think the remake is fun with a few tall glasses of water. At the very least, you get some great Tom Atkins

  18. Wasn't there a Hercules already with The Rock? He didn't sing in that? Lol

  19. it was actually a lot of fun! it has a neat spin on the idea, although you need to stomach it being directed by Bret Ratner

  20. Superman III is watchable through the sheer force of will of one (super)man. Might even be his best performance across all the movies.

  21. IV is probably my pick for worst superhero film of all time. I understand if someone were to say something like Steel is more incompetent but (1) difference in the raw materials at your disposal and (2) Reeves dragged III over the finish line through pure force of will and this is the send off he’s repaid with?

  22. Haven’t seen it yet, but I just recently realized they recast Cassie. What a slap in the face to the Endgame actress. She got one scene and now someone more famous gets to be the superhero with a major role.

  23. it’s especially bad bc she found out she had been recast the same moment we all did, when the news hit the internet

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