1. Muscoveys have sharp nails, and mouth. My arm looked like a horror movie. Love ❤️ hurts I guess :)

  2. Super pretty. And more on the way. How to you handle that? You let her hatch out each time? What do you do with all the babies?

  3. If you have a tractor supply store or a local feed store get purina duck food. Or Is flockraiser by purina it's 4 ducks. Cheap too

  4. pmed super serious, but in the USA . but worth an ask, sometimes shipping is easy for OP if they have done it before.

  5. My iPhone 11 didn’t have a delete cache option but I did offload it and am reinstalling it. Is that the same thing? I also haven’t used the app in a couple of months. Might that have something to do with it?

  6. Wowsers. Hulk Hogan must have been working the press that did mine. I broke my battery after 15mins of wiggling. yours must be on light or something

  7. so close now. I will keep the tab open more on my browser for sure....sales are pretty good sometimes.

  8. Dive Dive!!!! I think you can take the brick out , they might hurt themselves

  9. It has started!!! They are popping up here too!! The last ones are just flying now. Mamma is a machine

  10. Is this bird young? Why are its wings so sparse

  11. Wow. The big pool? Kitty pools full of plants aloe? Big palms . Nice setup! Wowsers . Walkthrough?

  12. Thank you to everyone with good spirits & energy. Unfortunately as I am typing this he closed his eyes for the last time and passed minutes ago. He was sent to ducky heaven in a warm blanket 💔

  13. This world is not fair. He thanks you for being there and sharing him with us.

  14. You fix it? This is a big problem. Many people with the same problem. Unreal

  15. Okay. What a bummer. Same problem here. Did a full wipe of the phone and the problem still happening. That makes no sense. Seems to work on another phone. What iOS ? Trying to figure out what it could be. U on TMobile? Support no help. Very very strange and super frustrating. :( Did you do anything specifically?

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