1. God I love Seiiki, it’s such a calm and refreshing song, I literally gasped when Jin plays it at the end of Norio’s quest

  2. Hey I noticed a couple new comments on this post, was it cross posted somewhere, or how did you come across it?

  3. You went to boating school.. that's on you

  4. Ok Double opinion here, if you have a lounge or common area go take and socialize there, however if the RA isn't worried about it then who cares?

  5. If this is a spoiler then my name is snape killed dumbledorf

  6. Funnily enough I only watched the HP movies over the summer and didn't know about that twist.l

  7. Spoiler skip my comment if u care about being spoilered

  8. Sat... when people write "was sat" or something similar instead of "was sitting". It always takes me right out of the story. I have to go over the sentence several times and correct it by saying "was sitting" or just "sat"--which ever makes most sense to me and how I would have wrote it.

  9. People can dislike whoever they want, for whatever reasons they want. Pointless to waste energy fighting opinion.

  10. Bad news, bud. Panam's straight.

  11. When you put these all together, Zuko looks like a fanboy who photoshopped himself into pictures of the Gaang

  12. Half this sub is just gay people fantasizing about gay Merlin and gay Arthur. I'm not a homophob, but it's annoying when people turn close friendships Into "they're def gay, ship this, ship that" nonsense

  13. Or, get this, you're reading too much into what is supposed to be a scene of them getting into a fight.

  14. How many words did mario have in this trailer? How would it even be possible to come to any kind of conclusion on marios voice when like 3 words were spoken in total?

  15. Thing is, because she got severed from her previous lives, she is actually WEAKER overall. Ignoring the avatar state? Sure, maybe. But her avatar state is MUCH weaker than Aang's at the end of her story.

  16. But her connection to Raava was much stronger

  17. Oh god you put Horizon ahead of both, no wonder you're so obsessed with "all opinions are valid" when yours is that awful lol. Moving on from Bad_Tastes.

  18. something that takes more than 2 braincells to understand, i know ;)

  19. Get off work early or take a day off. Its not the professors issue really.

  20. but if the class is wednesday how can they go ahead and schedule the exam for a day thats not the class? all my other exams even the in person class i have is open all week. cant get off early either, considering i work at a hospital and they dont take kindly to that

  21. That's how it is at my college. You say its open all day, can you not take it in the evening?

  22. There is a third bad ending in the third semester, if you fail to secure the route in the third semester Palace before the deadline. And, boy oh boy, it's as dark as hell. You definitely won't see the third semester's antagonist in the same light again afterwards.

  23. I dont know. I mean sure the fic had a controversial theme but it had been done before in the fandom with the same pairing and no one batted an eye

  24. Its the same as 2 fics with similar stories/pairings in the same fandom getting different amounts of hits, ie one having no attention while the others blow up

  25. You mean the same way our heroes slaughtered innocents? Or do the humans that fought with Viren not count anymore because they don't look human anymore?

  26. Viren's army was attacking. They were the reason people died.

  27. And that means everyone on Virens side deserved to be slaughtered?

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