1. They got a huge one last year (to keep older teachers in the classroom). My mother's was around 15 percent. Looks like they are getting a 4-5 percent across the board raise this year.

  2. 15% was not across the board for everyone.

  3. Right. Because Alabama is the only state that has a logging industry.

  4. Advice, after you pick a spot to hang, clear the ground of any debris or leaves under the hammock in like a 3-4 foot radius.

  5. not so sure about this.....That would've created a mud hole.

  6. That’s how I did it too. No shame! Hope you had fun, please update?

  7. It's their Firing Pins. They dont meet specification. Either it was a material weakness and their supplier is at fault, or they did not machine them to the right specs. If it's the latter, that means it slipped their Quality Check as well. They've been rushing too fast to met demand after their pandemic staffing issue. Sacrificing quality for speed should Never be an option.

  8. I hear what you're saying considering the rushing of product, but at the same time it's a period of less than 30 days that's affected

  9. Came here to make sure this was posted

  10. Peak Refuel for dehydrated. They have way more Calories per pouch than the alternatives. Typically 800 - 1100 Calories. Get them off Sierra and they are ~$11, so sort of pricey but for short trips the convenience outweighs the price. Generally Peak Refuel taste better than the alternatives. That and the extra Calories has caused Peak Refuel to shoot up in popularity compared to Mountain House.

  11. What’s your comfort level with wild edibles OP? I’ve gotten in the habit of taking a foraging pouch, but then again I work for a Botanical Garden so it’s not like I’m going to accidentally chew on some water hemlock or down a false morel. I bring it up because that might be good to add to one of your trips later in the growing season if you’re looking to wean off the campground cookery.

  12. I like the idea but am ignorant on the topic and would get us sick

  13. Following this, as my family will be there June 17-20.

  14. Can you tell me about the park and trails? I've never been to oak mountain for anything other than a concert. I'm thinking about hitting the trails there Saturday.

  15. As soon as my new hammock and tarp get here, I'll be headed out there for an overnighter.

  16. That elk pic is mesmerizing

  17. I don't know if you're looking for a state park type experience, but Vogel has several hikes within the park plus some that are a short drive away. Since you are going to be there several days, you probably want a number of hikes to choose from.

  18. That's good to know concerning the AT section. Thanks!

  19. If in the afternoon than likely yes. There are no guarantees, but really anywhere along FS42 allows open camping, but it's all wooded.

  20. Definitely. That's the first thing I noticed in the pic. Looks like 3/4 ton Econoline

  21. If you've never camped in tents, I would recommend finding a state park with the nicest tent pads and a lot of amenities.

  22. Research the South Entrance and the West Entrance. Both have positives and negatives.

  23. How long are you there? This will determine a lot.

  24. What time of year was this pic taken?

  25. It was taken June 12th so pretty close to when you are going!

  26. Awesome. I'll be there 20,21,22. Was Sunrise open when you were there?

  27. +1 for Hammock Gear kits. I spent way too much time and money piecing together a kit and was never really happy with it. Bought a Wanderluxe kit and absolutely love it. Everything shows up ready to use. I think the most I had to do was slide the tarp into the snake skins. All of the lines and everything were already attached. No knots needed anywhere - just wrap the string around the trees and hook a loop over each stake and you're all set.

  28. Yep, that's where I'm leaning right now for all the reasons you listed. It's between HG, OneWind, and DW right now.

  29. Ok, so after looking at both the Warbonnet and the Dutchware, it seems the Dutchware has everything I need with one click of the button.

  30. The Smokies have several good car camping sites that I’ve done with my young son. It’s close to the AT, and there are great views, plus you can find some kayak rentals for Fontana Lake, which the AT crosses at the dam. Good luck!

  31. Any time I hear Smokies, all I see is Gatlinburg. I probably shouldn't do this , but I can't help it.

  32. OP, I’ve spent 40+ years in this state….these are ALL wonderful recommendations

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