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  1. No thanks. One and done with him

  2. Just knew she had a reason for her driving after she said that—the game was on lmao

  3. Facts. Passed by down generation after generation lmao

  4. Oh, you're down BAD. I mean sure, the hurricane is dummy thicc - but she'll make you wet, suck ya dry and when you're down, she'll take everything, leaving you with nothing.

  5. And Superintendent Skinner said, “that’s no Hurricane, that’s my wife!” 😭😭😭😭

  6. Senile old fool couldn't even try thinking outside the box - he should have just nuked the thing!!

  7. THIS! He has all the power of the American War Machine—why not use it?!?!

  8. Also Tony was kind of a prick, even if it was just a mask.

  9. No respect for the man that saved half the lives of the universe by giving his own life

  10. I mean, he had a shitty personality from the start. I won't suddenly think he was wonderful because of that. In fact, better him than someone pleasant.

  11. He was a prick, but he just saved the universe so I’m absolving him of previous character flaws

  12. This is what I’m here for—screentshotting everyone’s suggestions.Thank you in advanced

  13. They didn’t want to see black and white unity on global streaming services

  14. Long term, I hope not - Hugh Jackman is 53 years old…. He just physically CAN’T play a character that effectively doesn’t age for very much longer.

  15. He’s not. It’s just a one and done for Hugh—he said it, one last time

  16. Well I’m in for him to come back in Secret Wars!!—just heard him and Ryan both say that it’s one last time so I figured that’s that

  17. Well she just had Ser Harwyn murdered in HarrenHall so there’s that

  18. Larry the cripple did that, not Alicent, she was visibly distraught upon learning what took place

  19. I mean, the words came from her mouth—if she doesn’t talk to Larys , Harwyn is still alive

  20. Not gonna lie, I’ve had the White Truffle, Budini and Sherbhead—each one tasted the exact same, musty, old taste to it—effects were pretty dull too

  21. Just wait until Columbus triples in size.... Then we'll still elect "R"s but there will be several million more votes for "D"s that could possibly fix the absurd jerrymandering we have.

  22. Gerrymandering in Ohio is a legitimate problem that we’ve gotta get control of as a state and not one party.

  23. I feel like we haven’t had enough time with characters to feel any certain way for them—especially this strong

  24. Yeah, I’m underwhelmed—I feel like the character development and the attachment we have to characters in HoTD, is not nearly as good as GoT—that might be leading to that feeling of disappointment?

  25. Yeah regardless of my fandom, I love Lamar. He's just so impressive to watch.

  26. He’s so incredible to watch play. He keeps them in the game every game

  27. Someone remixed this video to a FIRE hook—if someone finds it, please post 😂

  28. I can’t fuck with Daniel Craig in the MCU

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