1. He has an attitude bc he was playing on a shit offense with a shit QB throw shit to him

  2. Let’s start with Ticketmaster first

  3. Definitely. He had the voice and the timing down pat—GOAT

  4. Definitely was and still is the best part of First Class

  5. Yeah, my pops made that every once in a while.

  6. Hopefully Cade York becomes the kid we thought he would be

  7. Takes some getting used to,that wind

  8. Jerome Ford is going to become an important part of this offense this year

  9. Yeah I like him to have a nice year too. Get some big yards

  10. Can’t fully blame her bc I’m sure someone at the very top was giving her strict mandates and deadlines to adhere to that also contributed to her be this way to VFX workers—not saying it’s right, but Chapek and whoever else should get some blame in there too.

  11. She was third in command. So youre either referring to k.e.v.i.n., d’esposito or the disney ceo. Who do you think is mainly to blame?

  12. Chapek was Disney CEO, so him and Vicki

  13. Immediate upgrade over Harrison Bryant. 500/5 last year and made some nice contested catches.

  14. Oberyn Martel’s death was the only part of GoT that made me be like “Holy God what’re you showin me here?! Come oooooon!”

  15. Idk if it’s the most horrific when you watch a man stab a pregnant woman and watch blood pour out while in the middle of a wedding between two houses where one gets wiped out, but I guess we’re on different levels

  16. I hope the silver surfer gets the same treatment as xmen on Disney plus someday

  17. Silver surfer, spider-man, x-men and the F4 would be a lot of fun to watch on D+ especially if they can crossover and interact. I’d watch that on D+

  18. AndHealth is moving into Miranova’s office space and M is returning later this year or next- maybe different concept? But still CMR.

  19. Yeah it’s going to be a steak house I believe

  20. Bc character assassination helps get what the user wants which is swift compliance

  21. Not gonna lie, this would be a great use of Tee’s contract and value, but I love Tee Higgins, and don’t wanna give him up.

  22. Agreed. Don’t need less, need more VFX teams, writers and what not to continue the pacing, which costs more money and we know what that means to big businesses looking to make a profit

  23. I’d say just move Jonah Williams to the right side and give him a little extra cash or just move on

  24. Nah, to move over and compete for the RT position.

  25. Do whatever makes you most happy

  26. Personally, I love the F4 bc they explore a lot of places whether it’s space or time or whatever; they’re a family with superpowers that don’t care who knows their secret so the shroud of secrecy is gone which I also like.

  27. Well in the MCU, nobody has a secret identity 😂

  28. No one knows who Spider-Man is after No Way Home…

  29. This one. I used to have this and play with it all the time

  30. Depth at OL is very important imo, so I’d keep everyone and see who shakes out to be the better LT/RT between Jonah, La’el and Orlando Brown and start making your decisions from there—gotta build the best OL for Burrow

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