1. Gm fellow Canadians, we got this world cup 🇨🇦🍁

  2. Nice avatar! Have to watch the highlights from yesterday. Don't spoil it for me

  3. Thanks! Honestly I haven't watched world cup at all I just love the Reddit avatars and of course hope Canada does well where I'm from. 😂

  4. I would stake it until better market conditions so you're getting yield on it while waiting for BTC to go up

  5. https://opensea.io/assets/matic/0x97439ee4c93ff9f76417696ce648aa6f35ab3b25/1966

  6. https://opensea.io/assets/matic/0x946ad8e53db653053e8ef7c02dfca83ce8ba8022/24

  7. Before mods delete this trash. You look disgusting.

  8. Do you look any better?

  9. https://opensea.io/assets/matic/0x3e4627665bf2e52c69be03788e664ab545f2be71/1103

  10. lol what kind of thought process is that. It’s being under valued by the market therefore I will sell it 😂

  11. It's not undervalued by the market there's no interest in it looking at daily volume vs before it's pretty dull

  12. I get what you're saying that buying around 16-17 is great if we have a bear rally and Avax goes 20+ again even 18-19 for a quick profit taking but it has literally been stuck under in this 16-17 range for days

  13. I want the drugs people are taking if they still think we're in a bull market

  14. post your top 3 bags in no particular order, I'll start... BTC ADA ETH

  15. Shiba Inu, Doge, Floki Inu

  16. The no limit of earnings is for sweatcoins, the original coin.

  17. crypto is 6k steps limit for premium users

  18. That makes sense I've done way more in a day and don't get any sweat over a certain amount being premium doesn't seem worth the money per month

  19. Same issue here today minting sweat but it's not showing up in wallet

  20. People downvoting me here are just bitter since my first comment rings true that if a company advertises tokens but then forbids users from sending them that would be against crypto principles. Never had issue with the lock up and slow release of tokens since that's common for pre launch

  21. Oh yeah, total scam not letting us send our tokens outside of the Sweat wallet.

  22. But then I’ll buy even more and reduce my average buy in…

  23. 🤔 okay you really decided to get married to these sweat token bags

  24. Same I love crypto Near especially that's why I was pumped for this release but the token transfer thing shitty I was gonna keep using the app and swap some sweat to near keep some etc

  25. I hope that too. It's even not a wallet. Where is seed phrase, keys? And know - the most interesting. Look on their road map. They want to make "inactivity fee". What? I must pay them for not using their app? You know why? becouse all theese millions people, who downlaod the app and make them popular will start to delete this scam, after they see that they can do nothing with coins. And SWEAT popularity go down. Popularity go down - less money. What do think that do after 2 years. they just run away with money from exchanges.. Second Do Kwons, and CELSIUS guys. I think we must to bomb twitter with post, not hashtaging SWEAT but #NEAR (because its must be their chain).

  26. 100% agreed with this it's a bad look for Near compared to Stepn on Solana that worked properly and you can earn and move your GMT tokens

  27. I accumulated 10k sweat through my activity though…. I don’t care that I’m not allowed to dump it. I like the project and think the way they’ve done it is perfect.

  28. Lol 🤣 I only have 75 I downloaded it two days ago but how can you be happy not being able to sell your tokens you worked hard for being told you could sell for them to lock them in the app on launch? That's messed

  29. Yeah same here pretty scammy imo

  30. BTC going up alts bleeding 😴😴😴 the worst

  31. If you want to see how much you’ve been gaining, you’ll want to look at the NEAR value of stNEAR, this increases every epoch as another user commented, thus growing your NEAR holdings without increasing any token count.

  32. Thank you! Appreciate it. Confusing at first but I get it now you receive the rewards when you unstake and they add in the value of Stnear

  33. The value of stNEAR increases, not the quantity. It is a confusing mechanism but you will see your rewards when you unstake :). You will see value of stNEAR increase every epoch!

  34. Thank you! :) I will watch Stnear price and see it add up there.

  35. 🙄 "Liquidity issues" 🙄 How silly.

  36. It got them to do the transaction finally lol fuck Coinbase

  37. No explanation just a confirmation email that the transaction went through but just glad to have it! :)

  38. Did you check the chain to see if CB sent it out. Near finalizes pretty quick.

  39. Thank you! I'll keep that in mind for future transactions on Near. That's the problem they haven't sent it out it's been stuck on pending 😅

  40. Bitcoin dominance also rising bad for alt coins and crypto market usually does horrible while it's dominant

  41. It moved up off the lows

  42. Being fearful while others are greedy

  43. Super low volume right now makes it difficult to break out anywhere. Such is life in the bear market

  44. Yeah true no one is able to do anything either direction but sellers are in control at every small move up

  45. It can store value but volatile and weak price action lately depends where you buy though for sure if u bought 17k sold 25k you'd be doing good

  46. if we squander the opportunity to maintain absolute truths free from corruption, all we will have built is a more efficient prison

  47. All those uses for BTC have been proven false it's not a hedge against inflation it can be taxed by the government etc etc

  48. I hope the bears and aggressive sellers take it up the Jackson hole on Friday when the market pumps after the speech 🤣😂

  49. Its a vacation destination in Wyoming and the US fed is having a conference there where they'll talk about rate hikes and inflation

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