69 Days!

Sometimes you just got to dance with the doots.

  1. I don’t think you’re fucked at all. I think you’re incredibly lucky to have someone willing to support you through this. You can do this. But you’ve got to want it.

  2. Dreams! It’s the big FIVE OH! Congratulations darling, you are AMAZEBALLS! 👏🏼🥳💕

  3. Mon super chien est mort à l'age de 15 ans l'an dernier. Il n'y a rien que je regrette plus que les ballades dans la neige avec lui. Profites en bien.

  4. Je suis désolée pour ta perte; ma derniere chienne est mort pendant la pandémie (elle avait 15 ans et ‘mi) donc je comprends le douleur.

  5. Good morning, SD, and happy Saturday. 💙 My best friend's funeral is today and I've been dreading it all week. I've got coping strategies to get through the day and my sobriety's not in danger, but I don't really have the words right now - I'm just heartbroken. Hope you're all able to take care of yourselves today. IWNDWYT

  6. I’m sorry you’re hurting. Today will probably be intense but you are honouring your friend by being present in the moment and feeling your authentic emotions for them. Sending you a tight hug if I may.

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