Boldly go where we haven't been in a long, long time.

  1. That bodes very poorly for religions that claim we came from a single pair

  2. its not possible we came from a pair, no animal species could. the lowest homo sapien's population ever got was 2,500 individuals 12,000 years ago

  3. im not into people who believe dumb stereotypes

  4. This is what they don't show on the news... when majority of people see the news and see "12 soldiers dead" they're not thinking of the gore. They think the soldiers died peacefully surrounded by their comrads like a old man on a hospital bed or something.

  5. The sheer fucking racism of implying any man who's actually middle-eastern is basically a chimp is SOMETHING.

  6. i always find insulting people by calling them other ape species is weird, its like insulting a goose by calling it a duck

  7. all humans are equally as close to chimpanzees... we share 98% dna lol

  8. Religious people are delusional twats.

  9. Fromsoft should make this a character in an upcoming project

  10. Natural selection was tripping with this species

  11. Would we still call him a man? Btw he was accused of raping a minor

  12. Yes, technically he is still a man just not able to produce gametes for reproduction

  13. Yea and clearly you are to smart to understand humor

  14. Was ur comment a joke? I couldn’t tell lol

  15. Bro clearly monkeys aren't smarter than humanity well not all

  16. Yes obviously non-human monkeys aren’t smarter than human monkeys

  17. More like: "The right is a picture made in the 20th century to purposely make him look prettier so people can feel better being a Christian"

  18. Why? Death is normal and shouldn’t be taboo

  19. They jump around like apes..chimps more like it..also chimps are very cruel.

  20. Couldn’t see the knife at first, I’d say justified

  21. Bros upset bc his mom won’t accept the Iron Age religion of a illiterate desert bandit pedophile

  22. Did he murder some random guy, or was it part of some bizarre sacrificial act??

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