1. honestly tho the amount of pop songs i used to listen to as a kid then getting older and realising what they were saying 😭 like side to side by ariana grande and nicki when she says ‘wrist icicle’ like um what?? i never even realised till someone pointed it out

  2. Wait…what does wrist icicle mean in this context?

  3. Wrist icicle basically means the sperm from a guy dripping on your wrist.

  4. Ahh okay, that’s what I was thinking but I was questioning myself.

  5. Is anyone in the Slate Plus advice Zoom right now? It’s a live event with Jenée, Rich, Elizabeth, and Jamilah, moderated by the Slate EIC. I have been weirdly excited for it ever since I got the email. I basically only signed up for Slate Plus because of the advice columns.

  6. How was the event? What did they talk about?

  7. It was okay, nothing super special. Each columnist introduced themself and talked a bit about their background and how they came to Slate, and the EIC asked a few questions. Then they did a few live questions from the chat.

  8. If I'm upset I like to watch- So...Good Talk. It's the one where Luke is upset about his breakup with Lorelai. He's really mean to his customers. Emily goes to talk to him at the diner (cute scene with Kirk). I like the ending when Lorelai is sad at home watching A Star is Born and She hears someone knocking on the door. She opens the door and Luke walks in, wraps his arms around her and kisses her. Lorelai closes the door.

  9. I am admittedly curious about today's C&F letter about the divorce and what, exactly, the husband was doing. It's the LW's prerogative not to tell, but I admit I'm curious as to what would be fine if he hadn't lied about and was doing for 18 months that was scandalous enough that their teen had to be told to hide it.

  10. LW uses the word “husband” in the first paragraph but after that she says “ex” and uses “they” pronouns. Makes me wonder if the ex was starting to transition or something? LW emphasizes that the ex didn’t do anything bad (aside from lying) and she would have been supportive if they had told her about it, that it’s something that would have come out eventually, and that it’s something their kids may face one day - given those stipulations, I don’t think it was cheating, substance abuse, gambling/overspending, etc. But who knows?

  11. What’s this about Cesar attending Chilton? 😂 Haven’t come across that one before.

  12. ASP is Lorelai (according to her husband) so I think losing her on the writing staff made a huge impact. I don’t personally enjoy first half of season 7 at all mostly because it’s too many Chris scenes for me…but the second half wasn’t that bad. One thing Lorelai does which I appreciate because I don’t think ASP would have done this…is the scene in the hay bale maze with Luke. It’s the most mature conversation they both have in over a year. They both apologize! We rarely see that kind of ownership from Lorelai when ASP wrote her.

  13. Yeah, that’s a great point! I’m currently in the first half of the season and it’s definitely a lot of Chris 😫

  14. I thought this sub would appreciate this

  15. I love when Emily’s talking about her day and it seems like he’s not listening and she makes a sarcastic remark about running off with the golf instructor. Then the doorbell rings and he says:

  16. She is active on Twitter and seems fine there, fwiw.

  17. Deena’s “acting” in that reel was so cringey too.

  18. That’s so cute! I had a very similar moment once with my former NK (around 4), where I asked “is [2 yo sister] your best friend?” And she said “you’re my best friend.” These kids, man 🥹

  19. There’s a moment in this scene when they’re walking back and they exchange a little look, grinning at each other, and then turn back around and pose one last time. For once they’re totally in sync, just having fun together. It’s so sweet and rare, it makes me tear up.

  20. Use whatever fresh vegetables you like instead of crackers for your hummus. I like trail mix and nuts because they're filling and sugar-free Jello or pudding because I can have a lot of it.

  21. Jello sounds very interesting! And trail mix is definitely a good option, I think the mix of different textures and flavors would be fun for my high self

  22. Blue cheese sauce + fresh cut veggies (carrots, celery, etc). The crunch of the veggies +the sauce, I could eat 1kg of carrots with that sauce.

  23. I think that would be very pleasing to my high self :)

  24. Not quite first love but… “Teardrops on my Guitar” will forever remind me of my big middle school crush. I was around 13 when it came out and I just remember listening and thinking about him.

  25. The domestic scenes of Lorelai and Luke really resonate with me. I forget what episode it is but Lorelai walks in and Luke tells her about something Paul Anka doesn’t like, so she goes to the fridge to make a note. While he cooks, she’s moving around the kitchen to set the table and chatting. It feels so real and lived in, like they’ve done this a hundred times.

  26. This is one of things I really like about early season 6, post engagement and pre April. They just feel so close and cozy and couple-y.

  27. I used gabapentin and baclofen suppositories and they helped a lot!

  28. I’m on Incassia (norethindrone) and it’s been good for me! Hasn’t made my symptoms any worse, and I haven’t had any side effects. When my symptoms started back in February 2020, I had just started the combination pill, and I’ll always wonder if the hormones had something to do with it (along with other factors). From what I’ve read, progestin-only birth control is better for vulvodynia than those with estrogen.

  29. My best friend died by suicide on Thanksgiving while her kids were with their dad for like, a 12 hour visit. I would imagine that “but it’s the holidays!!!” isn’t really a compelling reason to ~~snap out of it~~ for people who may be suicidal.

  30. Yeah :/ He’s looked for jobs that are similar to what he does now, just closer to City A, but hasn’t been able to get those either.

  31. It’s also never too late to change course , part of being a man is making it happen, being a provider

  32. I don’t need him to be a “provider,” I just want him to be happy and for us to be living together.

  33. Lorelai buying a DVD player for Emily so she can watch her musicals! It’s extra poignant too because it happens in the flashback episode.

  34. Am I losing my mind, or did they post the 80/20 slides, delete them, and then repost the exact same slides? It doesn’t really matter, not snark worthy, I was just confused.

  35. I’ve heard that periods can stop over time on the pill. I’ve been on it for 2 years and I’ve never fully missed one, but I’ve had extremely light periods and more normal seeming ones on and off. I wouldn’t worry too much honestly especially if you haven’t had any slip ups recently

  36. Yeah that’s what I’m thinking. I’ve had basically no side effects on this pill so if lack of periods is the only one that’d be great tbh!

  37. How much does that pay in comparison to nannying, if I can ask?

  38. Sure! I work at a residential facility for eating disorder patients; my job title is mental health counselor (not licensed mental health counselor - big difference!). I have a bachelor’s degree; I can’t remember if that was a requirement but all the people I work with have either graduated college or are still in school. It’s very much an entry level job, most of us don’t have prior experience in the mental health field. It pays $18 an hour and the benefits are not great - 12 days PTO, no paid sick time (!), working every other holiday and weekend is required.

  39. Thank you! I’m only a sophomore in college so I’m not sure anywhere would want me, (business major) but I love helping people and wish I could do that. I’m in a medium/ hcol area and if I could find a place that wanted me I’d definitely apply.

  40. We’re basically responsible for keeping things running on the unit and being there for whatever residents need. We run therapeutic groups, do one-on-one check ins with residents (when asked for) where we offer validation, skills, a listening ear, or whatever they need, and (since it’s an eating disorder facility) do something called meal coaching: basically, being there for residents during meals and snacks, supporting and challenging them in whatever way they need. The other big part of the job is documentation - pretty much everything significant the residents do, as well as what they consume/restrict, gets tracked and entered into the computer system. It’s a busy job and I’m still learning the therapeutic stuff (started in August), but I like it. And I talked about my nannying jobs and what they taught me in my cover letter/interview, so if you have childcare experience it’s definitely a transferable skill for mental health work!

  41. I adore season one Rory. She’s incredibly endearing.

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