1. Camping always seems to create the best possibilities and opportunities for some action with another guy.

  2. Bi guy here and it is good that you have decided to explore your sexuality.

  3. This is why I say that every guy should have a bate bud and maybe more in this case.

  4. Two friends that will help each other out sexually by putting on some porn and stroking each others cocks until you both cum. This helps create stronger bonds between friends.

  5. What has sparked your curiosity and what are you looking to try?

  6. If this is what happens every time, then I would just wear a sign that says I'm not wearing underwear just to let everyone know.

  7. I need to stop going to the South Point and start going to the Red Rock. lol

  8. I wish I had done stuff like this while I was in college. I only had my first experience with a guy last month (I'm 29 now)

  9. The sign of a horny cock waiting to release its it!

  10. I cum too quick from a good blowjob, so I much prefer a good mutual handjob.

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