2. Depends on what you're trying to do and what tools are installed on your software build. One of the most common and basic uses is plotting your GRGs and coordination points, which are huge aids in navigation and fires deconfliction, and really decreases your time on target. It only gets deeper from there; there's about 100 different ATAK compatible tools, basically any function you ever wanted a map to do has been built for it by someone.

  3. Permissive jumping for personal reasons is unauthorized by AR 350-1. And you'd have to get on orders for the day.

  4. Thanks, couldn’t find the reg on it. Damn, says I can’t jump unless I’m on orders to an airborne unit within 6 months.

  5. Plus you'd have to get it approved by an O7, do BAR, and get orders for that day along with your jump day. So even if you stretch the truth in some places it's a lot more hassle than it would be worth.

  6. I did some testing with Nett Warrior way back in 2014/2015, but I haven’t actually heard of anyone using it in a while - is anyone still using it on a large scale?

  7. I use the Nett Warrior devices pretty frequently, although they could definitely use some updating at this point. I don't know how much they get used by most other units, or of they mostly just stay locked in a supply cabinet.



  10. I don't know how they're even letting you graduate OSUT with a 12 min mile.

  11. Personally, I've always thought it should be, "... stand ready to deploy; engaging and destroying the enemies..."

  12. That's mixing tenses; it makes the grammar even worse.

  13. I think I see what he's getting at though. "I stand ready to deploy" is a full clause and separate from "engage and destroy the enemies..." So the full sentence would read: "I stand ready to [deploy], [engage and destroy] the enemies of the United States of America in close combat." This is why I stan the Oxford comma and won't tolerate any non-Oxford comma using heathens.

  14. I think the heart of the issue is that it's a clunky statement to start out with. "I stand ready to find, engage, and destroy the enemies" or "meet, engage, and destroy the enemies" would be better. The way it's written as "deploy, engage, and destroy the enemies" may not be incorrect, but it's also not a clean statement.

  15. It's a cardiovascular event. The pace is based on elevating your heart rate for a sustained period. This isn't easy to do with a walk, that's why there's other cardio events.

  16. The Army, Air Force, and Navy each have their own military police for law enforcement and base security.

  17. So some memebers of law enforcment can be civilan and some can be soliders? It sounds very strange. A little like in french gandarmery but civilian ones are repsonisble for policing countryside and military part of army. So you can be air force police and a civilan? How is then your duty and servoce different?

  18. The civilian members are mostly responsible for things like investigating crimes, guarding the bases inside the US, and traffic law enforcement. They are regular government employees and don't have any military capabilities, they are just like normal police officers.

  19. Never got to try the cold weather ones during my 12 years. I'm tempted to order one off eBay just to try.

  20. The CW MRE main meals are made by Mountain House. It's the same exact food that's in their civilian camping meals.

  21. Wait... they still have Hueys? Damn I thought they were all retired.

  22. The USAF still operates a handful of Huey squadrons, but they are soon going to be replaced by the MH-139 that is currently in testing.

  23. You know when you can't tell if someone is joking or not? Yeah, this post.

  24. A little ironic it says “Army Fires Center of Excellence”

  25. “Army Fires Center of Excellence (and machine gun center of mostly good enough)"

  26. We paid a guy to drink a whole bottle of soy sauce and keep it down for 5 minutes. He did but he got super dehydrated.

  27. That's like 15x your daily sodium amount. Or maybe 2-3x if you're a SPC, but still.

  28. Not enough cocaine and human trafficking victims. s/

  29. Cocaine and human trafficking are part of the SF culture you can't castigate us for that.

  30. Sadly the reasoning is even worse - it’s because wet weather gear is issued in lieu of a poncho.

  31. Hmm. Wet weather gear doesn't replace a poncho. You can't make a sleeping shelter with a rain coat.

  32. I think he's implying that America gave Turkey the design for the f-22 so they'd let (I have no idea what power turkey has to stop some random baltic country from joining nato) Finland join nato.

  33. Even after passing RASP you still have to apply to be accepted by regiment

  34. You're mixing things up. RASP is the application process to the Ranger Regiment. There's two versions of it. Regular normal RASP is for junior enlisted; if you complete it you get assigned to the RR. Then there's also RASP 2, which is for officers and NCOs and requires an interview to attend, then after you attend you get transferred to the RR.

  35. So what? You don't even know what he did. Misusing government resources could be a whole array of things. Not every wrongdoing is worthy of being burned at the stake.

  36. I mean, that’s part of the problem isn’t it? He gets to retire with full benefits, and we get a vague description of what he possibly did. “Misuse of government resources” could be as simple as checking his personal email on a government computer, or funneling government money to his slush fund.

  37. I don't necessarily disagree with you. There could be an argument back and forth about what specifically the army should disclose about these investigations, but I'm not qualified to weigh in on that. I just get kind of irked when these things come out and everyone goes straight to calling for blood, or declares it as an injustice without knowing any specifics.

  38. Shooting from a helo is easy. Hitting things though, thats another story (at least for me). On USAF MH-53's we used to put a .50 on the back just for fun.

  39. I guess that's true. Maybe a better statement would've been "shooting accurately enough to effectively suppress someone" from a helicopter isn't that difficult.

  40. All of those addons would have made the helmet perform worse, actually. This is a best case scenario, and deformation that goes 3 inches into your skull is obviously fatal.

  41. But would the helmet have even deformed three inches if it was properly configured? With the pads in place, which absorb and distribute impact forces. With the chinstrap fastened to keep it in place. With a 10lbs weight inside to simulate the mass and inertia of a human head.

  42. I've never seen any job in the army that requires more than arithmetic, or maybe some basic algebra knowledge. Unless you're a doctor, pilot, or something highly specialized like that, anything that requires more than basic math will have all the calculations already done for you on reference charts.

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