My wife’s favorite holiday has been Groundhog Day since she was a little girl. Today I was able to take her to be there in person for the first time. Worth the 7+ hour drive and 4 hour wait in 14°F weather this morning.

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  1. Breaking Bad is the ultimate example, though I’d be shocked if you haven’t seen it.

  2. Use a pick. Play it very slow. Get it clean. Guitar take years to get good at. Have fun. Listen to loads of music. What guitarists are you into?

  3. I only say pick because I have a friend who has played for years with his fingers and fears the pick. Using a pick opens up a whole new way to play guitar. I think it’s similar to new players not using their pinky fingers at all. It limits what’s possible. But it’s all subjective. We can agree on having fun, and taking it slow. Long days and pleasant nights to you, Andjhostet.

  4. They’re that desperate for you to watch their shit. Same with films on Sky. As the credits roll, they’re shouting about the latest new series, 10 seconds after the film ends!…. Fuck Sky for this. I never watch films on Sky anymore.

  5. They have the whole evening planned. “What’s your name” to getting a blozz seems wildly optimistic, though.

  6. This is nae knolling. Tis’ a mess, to be sure.

  7. You’ve unfortunately encountered one of the worlds cunts. Focus your anger into your next work out. The vast majority of people at the gym will respect you for trying to improve your health/life.

  8. Worst ever posting I’ve seen on here. Absolutely disgusting.

  9. Awful. Leave the guy alone. Give him a joint and play some Floyd.

  10. Black to match the door. A fine gold line around the top rectangle, Art Deco block work.

  11. Why would you want to know that a mad twist is inbound? That’s the fun of going into a film totally blind, the unknown.

  12. What’s it covered in? Looks like bin bags.

  13. Remember getting fucked up by these in Far Cry 3.

  14. Fargo is one of the best shows ever made. If you haven’t, dig on the film first. They’re both amazing. Queens Gambit is another favourite. Obvious picks, but on the off chance you have nae seen these, you’re in for a treat!

  15. Oh shit okay I didn’t see you included Brick in there so now we’re best friends

  16. Ain’t it the best? Dialogue so sharp it makes Hanzo steel seem dull.

  17. Ugh it’s a goddamn dream is what it is, I was able to catch a 35mm print of it recently and it looked immaculate

  18. Sounds aces. I wish I had an actual cinema locally that projected film. It’s all digital. The Prince Charles in London does! Imaging Lawrence Of Arabia on 70mm!! Makes me salivate. I’d probably cry.

  19. Why did the pervert cross the road? His cock was stuck in the chicken. Rik Mayall.

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