Hate speech dramatically surges on Twitter following Elon Musk takeover, new research shows

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  1. Elon Musk: “excellent, everything is going according to plan. Soon I’ll be able to crown myself king of the internet trolls.”

  2. You can't see it, but there's a 100ft deep pit just behind the conveyor, and it's nearly full of bags

  3. I’m sorry. I don’t care how good the plot is, I cannot support any kind of AI-generated art.

  4. The most consistent comment I get is that I have a knack for nailing the personalities of characters in my fics, really keeping in step with their canon behaviors even with the AU setups.

  5. This is so good! Never heard about this artist, but this is quality.

  6. Check out the links in the comments if you wanna follow this series.

  7. Ao3 does block IPs. An ex friend of mine got in a lot of trouble for spamming this reader when they got into an argument in the comments. Admins took action and she got suspended 60 days and warned a second time with 90 days with the warning that the third time they would ban her IP permanently. She was so pissed, but honestly she brought it on herself.

  8. Except that only works with registered users. Because this guy is using guest accounts there’s nothing they can do.

  9. Yeah that's what I'm referring to. My friend was logged out and pretending to be a guest while arguing with someone on their story and admins were able to track her IP to her actual account.

  10. This guy doesn't have an account. They were a guest commentor on fanfiction who followed my friend over to ao3 and harassed their fic with guest accounts there too.

  11. Nah I’m good. Vinyl collecting has always been more of a casual hobby for me, don’t care much about the little imperfections as long as the sound quality is good.

  12. Before you get confused I'm replying to the guy above you. Like first you say, "Oh it's damaged it won't be able to be sold because it's damaged." Then in the same post you're like, "Oh but I'll buy it from you." Like scalper much. You'll buy something that you say is damaged but it can't be sold. Like how two-timing can you be dude. You might as well say, "Yes I say it's damaged but I'll still buy from you because I have no ulterior motive." Like someone call fucking sus. Wtf.

  13. I pre-ordered these off black screen records back in march of last year, I was into Scott pilgrim (the comics and the games, not the movie) and the after party soundtrack looked cool. Unfortunately the release kept getting delayed and pushed back for one reason or another and I ended up waiting almost two whole years to get these two.

  14. Yeah baby! Made it the whole 30 days without nutting and kicked my porn addiction in the process! I'm so proud of myself right now!

  15. That feels lile those boomercomics just for furries. Are we getting old?

  16. Nah, the creator is just trying to emulate that 2000s webcomic feel.

  17. Good news, I just got an email saying that it’s getting ready to ship.

  18. You're only too old if you're dead.

  19. A lot of people seem to tie certain joys to immaturity. I remember my mum once questioning a wedding where lolly bags were given out to the guests (we weren't at the wedding, it was just something she read). Her tone saying "it's a wedding" and remarking by that point you're meant to have "grown up" made me sad. We're all so obsessed with following rules sometimes, we don't even think to question them.

  20. If it makes you feel any better, there was a couple who tricked everyone into thinking that their wedding was a costume party just for fun.

  21. Not exactly. See we don’t actually know what SCP-001 is because, by design, all the proposals could be real or fake to prevent the discovery of the real SCP-001

  22. hasn't every member of the justice league died by now?

  23. most major characters in comics have died at some point in time only to be brought back later

  24. Actually he does wear a mask to hide his identity, assuming you count the 'Clark Kent' persona as a mask of course.

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